Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More Of My Randomness

Just some of my recent random thoughts:

  1. Why is America's Got Talent judged by 2 Brits?
  2. Why does the Hummer have the leg room of a sardine can?
  3. Why was I having VERY inappropriate thoughts at the airport the other day about a really young guy (old enough to be my son) in Naval dress whites. Damn I love a man in uniform.
  4. Why is it when I have a house full of great food I love I race to eat all of said food in one sitting.
  5. I'm really debating whether or not I should break up with The Analyst.
  6. Why is it as soon as one of my coworkers opens her mouth I just want to punch her in it?
  7. Can I ever tell Clueless to kiss my ass and never call me and it not be awkward when I see her when we all hang out?
  8. Why when men hand wash dishes we women have to secretly go over the dishes and rewash them.....EVERY DAMN TIME.

26 People saying stuff:

Melissa said...

Some good random thoughts. I had to giggle at the young man in the uniform one. I also race to eat all my favorite foods in one sitting! My ex-husband would clean and wash dishes much better than I did...of course he came out of the closet while we were married!

Scrapping My 2 Precious Gems said...

You and me both girl on #3! I love a man in uniform. They look impeccable.

Jeni said...

I wonder if the lure of the uniform doesn't hark back to the idea of "An Officer and a Gentleman?"
Washing dishes -hmmm -I'm usually so happy as long as someone else picks up the slack to wash dishes that I will even forgive my son-in-law for the crappy way he puts things to drain and then later, how he can never comprehend how I put dishes away -in order, stacking by size, etc. Somehow the principle of "nesting" totally escapes him and that does tend to drive me bonkers almost enough to tell him not to wash 'em, I'll do it! (Almost, but not quite, that is! LOL)

brookem said...

oh god im a sucker for a man in uniform. and i so know what you mean about the good food in the house and wanting to eat it all, on contact!

MP said...

7. Yes!

Anonymous said...

Great random thoughts!

If you're like me, when we were younger growing up, we had to eat all the food as fast as possible. My sisters were like freakin' squirrels eating the Cap'n Crunch before I got some.

lisaq said...

#3-Duh. Man in uniform! I think you answered your own question! :D

#6-Didn't you break it off before he lost his job? And then he was staying with you til he got back on his feet? Isn't he back on his feet? Has anything really changed between then & now? Not really helpful I know, but some things to think about.

lisaq said...

opps...I meant bad?

shorty said...

1. Good Point
2. Based on the military car, they make all that shit crazy tight squeezes.
3. I have inappropriate thoughts about most men, doesn't matter what color they are wearing.
4. I never have great food in the house.
5. I've been debating that with Vin for 3 months myself.
6. I have one of those too.
7. And one of these
8. When do they do the dishes by hand?

Sorry, I put my twist on that. Just kinda felt like playing along. Hope you don't mind.

Joe said...

Hold go back and wash them again? That's just wrong, Diva.

As for the AGT judges, maybe they want to avoid any home country bias? Hold on...that makes no sense. Let me get back to you on that.

laughingattheslut said...

1. American's Got Talent was originally Britain's Got Talent, so maybe the Brits are still running the show.

3. Did he look like anyone on JAG?

5. I thought that the Analyst was long gone anyway. I must have missed a meeting or something.

CoutureCarrie said...

Amen to #s 3 & 4!!


Moe Wanchuk said...

You know....Cat Fights are very intriguing.
Don't ever let a guy wash dishes. I'm not even allowed in our kitchen anymore
You're not the only one who eats like a middle linebacker. I think I've emptied the North Woods Freezer of Ice Cream this week
My uniform is a "Got MILF" t-shirt. I'm guessing that doesn't work for you gals.

CarmenSinCity said...

Okay, I didn't even know you wre still dating the Analyst. ha ha I thought you broke up with him a long time ago.

I love love love men in uniforms. Even if they are WAY too young for me.

Sometimes I open a bag of jalapeno chips and finish them in ONE sitting. It's truly pathetic.

And I have no idea why two brits are judging AMERICA'S got talent. Good observation and stupid casting for sure.

MysTery said...

Cause they don't know how to wash dishes! lol

roberta kelly stop looking at little boys lol. jk

Queen of the Mayhem said...

OMG....I love a man in uniform. It makes them SO much more sexy!

I also love cowboys....I have SUCH a weakness for (handsome...not the toothless, tobacco spitting kind) those guys!

Funny that I married the biggest frat boy preppy thing you can imagine! Oh well!

Hope all works out for the best with The Analyst.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

eat until u drop is what i say - then belch
have a great weekend folk

DraMa said...

Ditto on the dishes thing. Totally.

Oh and ditto on the good food and eating it all at once. I do the same thing.

catscratch said...

Yay! Random thoughts are awesome.

Second British invasion?

Uniforms are sexy.

Good food is only should never be left for those who will not appreciate it.

I'm always debating the break up scenario. It's normal.

I have 2 I'd like to punch or dropkick. It's nature.

I tell my friends to f8ck off all the time and it was only awkward the first few times :)

Men are pigs.

You have a beautiful weekend!!

abbagirl74 said...


the dishes one hit a nerve.

dmarks said...

8. Because men really put the dishes down for the dog to lick clean.

imbeingheldhostage said...

was it your intention to slip #5 past us as we giggled?
Oh, and I have absolutely NO problem drooling down my wrinkly chin over a young hawtie in a uniform. :-)

Renaissance Woman said...

Love the random thoughts. I might try this for my own blog. Totally agree with number 4!

Trixie said...

Hang on... you are STILL with the Analyst???? I thought he was supposed to be moving out?

Freckle Face Girl said...

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