Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Should Mistresses Be Sued?

I'm sure most of you have heard of the North Carlina woman that sued her husband's mistress awhile ago and WON. She won $9 million dollars. Apparently there are about nine states that recognize an old law called Alienation of Affection that gives a wife the right to sue a mistress involved in an affair with her husband.

Since this ruling there has been a lot of going back and forth on whether this law should even still be valid or whether or not suing this woman would even be worth it. I don't have all the answers but I will say this, I think there should be some sort of penalty for the mistress.

Sure many of you feel that the mistress doesn't owe the wife anything but there should be some decency code that we should all live by and violating that should come with consequence. The Mistress might not owe the wife anything technically but what ever happened to respect and decency?

Sure the husband gets his "just deserts" by losing his wife and family structure and in many cases sever financial obligations but the mistress who knowingly goes after a married man should not get off scott free in my opinion.

Maybe more rulings like the one in North Carolina would curtail such behavior in the long run.

Hmmmm...a decency clause? Hmmm...... I don't know, what do you guys think? Am I way off base in my thinking?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Think My Job Made A Huge Mistake

Here at the good ol' job site we recently moved our offices. We went from one crappy, old, ugly building to a really nice one with new desks and a new phone system. I love it!

With these new diggs comes new windows. In our old building we had very high windows and we could not see out of them. Not to mention the windows were in very strategic places. Now we are surrounded by windows. Windows everywhere. Every where I look, there is a window. I love it! It's bright and airy here. There's just one problem. I've told you guys before how I easily get distracted by shiny new things, well why did they put me right in front of a window WITH A GREAT VIEW!! What were they thinking?

I keep finding myself staring out of the window constantly. This can't end well.

I see it taking only 3 days before my productivity drops 75%. Are you guys hiring? I see a job hunt in my immediate future.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Turn On's and Turn Off's

I’ve dated many different men over the years. Different shapes and sizes and colors but they all have a similar theme. They were all clean cut guys.

Men with hair too long or excess tattoos or piercings really turn me off. One or two tats are fine and a piercing on the ear is fine with me, in fact I think that is sexy, but beyond that I can’t deal.

I was looking at pics of Michelle “Bombshell” McGee and thinking to myself eeeiiiiiwwww! How could anyone think all that was sexy? I mean really. Yuck. I look at guys with tats all up and down their arms and on their necks and face like the rapper Lil Wayne and can’t help but be grossed out.

Tongue rings are another no no for me. I couldn’t imagine trying to kiss someone with all that going on in their mouth.

What do you guys think? Do tattoos and piercings turn you on or off?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

How Strong Are Your Dating Convictions?

I think those of us that have been in the dating pool at one time or other have grown accustomed to formulating a list or guideline that we'd like our potential mates to follow. Guidelines they must fall within or else they quickly get thrust into the pool of dating losers which seems to grow at quite a rapid pace.

Some of us have religious or spiritual guidelines that our potential love interest must adhere to. My question to you is just how strong are your religious convictions? Would you be willing to date someone that had vastly different views on the subject then you do? How would you handle raising kids? Who's views would prevail in that instance? If you had a strong religious background could you see yourself dating an atheist?

The person I end up with must have at least some of the similar fundamental beliefs that I do otherwise I think we'd always be at odds with one another.

Have you ever dated or married someone that had vastly different views from you?