Monday, July 26, 2010

Who Wore it Best?

Recently, Rhianna and Trina were spotted out wearing the same Dolce & Gabana’s Pre-Fall 2010 Collection polka dot jumpsuit.

Who wore it better?

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Date From Hell...Again!

OK. So in talking to a coworker yesterday it prompted a memory of a date I had several months ago that I forgot to you all about. That in itself is unusual as I tell you guys everything. I think I just blocked it out as a survival mechanism.

It all started one fateful Saturday afternoon in the grocery store. I was perusing the frozen dinner section as that is all I ever have in my house since you all know I do not cook. Remember this little gem? Yeah.

So I was minding my own business when this guy walks up to me and "accidentally" bumps my cart. He apologizes and all and I was like "No problem, it's cool." He then makes small flirtatious conversation then hit me with the big question, "You want to hang out sometime?" I checked my mental date book and realized it had cobwebs so I said yes and gave him my number. He called the next day and asked to go to dinner on Monday evening. I agreed and the deed was done. I had a date for Monday evening. I wasn't excited or nervous or anything. I was just....just... blah. I've been on way too many dates that have gone nowhere to get all wigged out on this.

Monday comes and I meet him at the appointed restaurant. He leans in for a hug and I got a whiff of the most horrific cologne known to man. Funny. He wasn't wearing that when I first met him. I held my nose and sat down at our table.

We made small talk, all very superficial when he jumps up and says very loudly, "I'll be right back, I have to go take a leak." The people at the table across from us turned their heads toward us, glanced at me then turned away. Ooookkkaaaayyyy.

He returns to the table, the food arrives and he grabs the fork as if it was a miniature shovel and begins shoveling the food into his mouth. Dude, spend time in prison much? He then tries to hold a conversation with said food in his mouth visible for all creation to see.

Yeah, he'll score another date. With gems like him, why am I still single?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Someone Should Tell Corporate America That There Is A Recession

Here at Health Care Are Us where I work we were purchased by a giant in the industry about 3 years ago.

We got the ol' "You guys are great. We wanted an "IN" in the market so we bought you guys." speech. Fast forward 3 years later and we are still not fully integrated into the "new" company.

It was just announced that we were again bought out by apparently an even larger giant in the industry. Guess what. We had a Town Hall meeting to discuss this new merger and guess what they told us. "You guys are great. We wanted an "IN" in the market so we bought you guys." Seems I've heard this all before.

This larger behemoth bought us for over $5 billion dollars.

Apparently they didn't hear there was a recession out there.

I wonder if it's going to take another 3 years to complete this newest merger.

Oy Vey!

I have a funny feeling we'll be having this same conversation in another 3 years.

Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm Still In Shock

You will never guess what I experienced this weekend. Come on, I bet you can't guess. Ok, Ok, I'll tell ya, an earthquake! I experienced my very first earthquake! That's right bitches!!!

Those of you living in California are probally all "So whatevs Tee." and to that I'd probably have to agree if it wasn't for the fact I live in MARYLAND people! We don't get earthquakes here!

I was laying in my bed all snugly and what not in a sleep induced haze when all of a sudden the damn wall started rattling. I was all "WTF! What the hell are those loud ass neighbors doing NOW!" I just chalked it up to those noisy folks next door and drifted back to sleep. I ventured out of bed a couple hours later, turned on my TV and sat in front of my computer and that's when the news hit me! A 3.6 earthquake struck Maryland. Maryland people!! I don't think you fully grasp the gravity of the situation. If Maryland can get and earthquake then none of you are safe. I would suggest you all get earthquake insurance and stock pile canned goods and water now. Don't forget first aid kits too. Can never be too sure.

Pretty cool Saturday if I say so myself though.

I survived my first earthquake! Can someone make me a badge I can display on my website please and thank you. Do they sell earthquake insurance in Maryland?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sure....You Can Cheat.

Hello all. I have a question to pose to the masses. Let's say that you are married or at the very least in a committed relationship and the unthinkable happens. You are involved in a horrible accident. That accident rendered you an invalid and unable to have sex with your mate.

You two love each other and this is a horrific situation to have to deal with. You guys make it through the long recovery stage but still sex is out of the question.

You begin to feel really guilty about keeping your mate in a sexless relationship. You are torn. Torn because you love your mate and they love you and show in every way how they feel but you just can't help but feel guilty and selfish because you know how much not having sex is eating at your mate and there is nothing you can do. The frustration is unbearable.

My question to you is do you allow your mate to go off and have outside relationships to keep him or her happy or do you continue in the sexless relationship you are currently in even though it's tearing you both up inside?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Little Update

Hey Blogosphere!

Time really does pass by so darn quickly. It's been ages since I've posted and I need to get back on the good foot and post more regularly and I will.

Let me update you guys on a few things.

First I started my new Mary Kay business and I am so freakin excited. I've always loved skin care and cosmetics and now I get to do what I've always loved. I used to have my own skin care/cosmetics business before at the mall but it was HARD trying to get people that wanted to work. I mean I would get girls that didn't like approaching customers. I got a few that actually didn't like wearing make up! Can you believe that? At least now I don't have to rely on anyone but myself and I love it.

Secondly, a couple weeks ago we had a festival here in Baltimore. I went with a good friend of mine I'll call Eduardo. Eduardo and I have been friends for many years, since the 80's. He's a really cool dude but has had some issues with drug abuse that he is battling. I support him and wish him luck.

Anyway we get downtown and start perusing around the festival when we happened upon a booth that was offering people free practice golf swings to introduce them to the world of golf. The guys that were manning the booth harassed Eduardo so bad that he decided to go ahead and play their little golf swinging game thingy. As he was playing with the golf stick, one of the booth "manees" struck up a conversation with me. No big deal. Once he realized that Eduardo and I were in fact not a couple but just good friends he started turning the convo into a hitting on me session.

He was alright, not offensive or anything and walked on two legs instead of all fours so I thought I'd give him a chance and gave him my number.

After a few conversations I quickly realized this dude was not for me. We have completely different lifestyles and philosophy on life so we were not a match.

The final straw came when I agreed to meet him for dinner and a movie. As he was calling me to tell me he was on his way to the restaurant he told me in no uncertain terms that he was not hungry because he had already eaten. Are you kidding me??!! You ask a woman out to dinner and you all of a sudden tell her you are not hungry but I should go ahead and order anyway. Are you freaking kidding me? It is beyond rude to take a lady out for a dinner, a first date to boot, and sit there and watch her eat and you have nothing.

I was not having that. I was already at the restaurant so when he arrived I insisted he order something or else I was going to leave. I told him I was not going to be the only one eating at this table and I found that incredibly rude. He relented and ordered a massive desert and that was fine.

He had issues with the area we were when in, the people that were in the theater, everything. I was so glad to get that date over with. To say the least that was our first and LAST date. Geesh.