Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Little Update

Hey Blogosphere!

Time really does pass by so darn quickly. It's been ages since I've posted and I need to get back on the good foot and post more regularly and I will.

Let me update you guys on a few things.

First I started my new Mary Kay business and I am so freakin excited. I've always loved skin care and cosmetics and now I get to do what I've always loved. I used to have my own skin care/cosmetics business before at the mall but it was HARD trying to get people that wanted to work. I mean I would get girls that didn't like approaching customers. I got a few that actually didn't like wearing make up! Can you believe that? At least now I don't have to rely on anyone but myself and I love it.

Secondly, a couple weeks ago we had a festival here in Baltimore. I went with a good friend of mine I'll call Eduardo. Eduardo and I have been friends for many years, since the 80's. He's a really cool dude but has had some issues with drug abuse that he is battling. I support him and wish him luck.

Anyway we get downtown and start perusing around the festival when we happened upon a booth that was offering people free practice golf swings to introduce them to the world of golf. The guys that were manning the booth harassed Eduardo so bad that he decided to go ahead and play their little golf swinging game thingy. As he was playing with the golf stick, one of the booth "manees" struck up a conversation with me. No big deal. Once he realized that Eduardo and I were in fact not a couple but just good friends he started turning the convo into a hitting on me session.

He was alright, not offensive or anything and walked on two legs instead of all fours so I thought I'd give him a chance and gave him my number.

After a few conversations I quickly realized this dude was not for me. We have completely different lifestyles and philosophy on life so we were not a match.

The final straw came when I agreed to meet him for dinner and a movie. As he was calling me to tell me he was on his way to the restaurant he told me in no uncertain terms that he was not hungry because he had already eaten. Are you kidding me??!! You ask a woman out to dinner and you all of a sudden tell her you are not hungry but I should go ahead and order anyway. Are you freaking kidding me? It is beyond rude to take a lady out for a dinner, a first date to boot, and sit there and watch her eat and you have nothing.

I was not having that. I was already at the restaurant so when he arrived I insisted he order something or else I was going to leave. I told him I was not going to be the only one eating at this table and I found that incredibly rude. He relented and ordered a massive desert and that was fine.

He had issues with the area we were when in, the people that were in the theater, everything. I was so glad to get that date over with. To say the least that was our first and LAST date. Geesh.

9 People saying stuff:

Just telling it like it is said...

Maybe he was cheap and didn't want to spend money on too dinners. You never know...I hate dating...I like the comfortable feeling of being in a relationship were it isn't hard to find common ground! Yikes I'll be single for ever I swear!

The Dish said...

What a douche. Man, I do not miss dating!!!!

Senorita said...

Congrats with your new business ! That man is a total cocknozzle. Glad you got rid of him. That must have been an long, awkward date to sit through.

Lys said...

You know, he's definitely one that doesn't need to get the chance at a second date. What the heck is wrong with him!

Red Shoes said...

You don't need that kind of man in your life... blerk... its guys like him that help give the rest of us a difficult time... :o(


Amber said...

I'd have just ordered for him and taken the best of both meals.

Cuz that's how I roll. :)

Don said...

I have to sit and wonder what kind of man would ask a woman out on a dinner date only to inform her that he wasn't hungry? I mean, did he develop amnesia all of a sudden? LOL!

Congratulations/Good luck on your cosmetics business.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Maybe he was broke and decided that if you ordered something he'd share yours?

I guess it was good that the date ended when it did.

Tonya said...

I sell MK too. And that guy sounds like a waste of time.