Friday, January 28, 2011

I Have Had It!

OK Mr. Snowman. Ha ha he he, you've had your fun now move the hell on. I am really sick of seeing you right now.

Because of you, Mr. Snowman, I was stuck out in the storm on Wednesday evening for 8 hours. Did you hear me Mr. Snowman, 8 HOURS! It was not fun. I had to maneuver around tons of abandoned cars. I almost ran out of gas because of you. It was scary. Damn you! I had a complete melt down in my car at around hour 6 1/2. I just couldn't take it anymore.

I left work at 4:40pm and did not step foot in my house until 12:30am and it's all because of you. If I never see you again it'll be too soon.

Because of this latest stunt you pulled you are no longer welcomed in my life. EVER!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You Can Beat My Kids

With the divorce rate in the US being as high as 50% there is no wonder that many families are blended families. I was listening to a conversation the other day that sparked a question that I wanted to pose to you all.

If you had children and decided to marry someone that was not their biological parent would you allow them to discipline your child? If so to what degree would they be able to discipline?

A few people in the conversation felt that it would be OK if their spouse disciplined their kids while a few others were adamant that no one should ever touch their child.

How do you feel about this? Would it be OK if your new spouse disciplined your child? If no, then wouldn't that diminish the authority and respect the step parent should have? Your thoughts?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

People and Yard Sales

OK, so I had my moving sale this past weekend. It went very well actually and I am just glad it's over. People made out like a bandit with my stuff. I was practically giving it away. It's fine though, I couldn't use it anymore.

It's weird though, I felt some kinda way about seeing my stuff float out of my house. There is something about that whole experience that just didn't feel right.

People were like scavengers. It was weird to see. This one woman came in and bought things I hadn't expected anyone to take. In my guest bathroom upstairs this woman took the decorator towels I had hanging up. They were cute but I just wasn't expecting anyone to want them. I had a small basket on the sink counter in the bathroom with things guests would need if they forgot to bring them like toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, lotion, shampoo, all kinds of stuff and she took that. She even took the dirty rug I had laying by the door for people to wipe their feet on when they came in. I REALLY wasn't expecting that one.

It's all good. I feel really at peace right now so that's a good thing. It's weird, I was thinking about my nieces yesterday and realized I was going to miss them like crazy. Would it be wrong for me to kidnap them and drag them to Atlanta with me?

OK, off to visit your blogs.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Who's To Blame?

We've all heard discussions or have been apart of discussions surrounding cheating mates. Why they cheat, who's fault it is and whatnot. I've even blogged about it once or twice here myself. I would link to the post(s) but I'm too lazy to go look for them.

Anyway, one of my favorite bloggers, Senorita, put on a post today talking about a radio caller who confessed that she only dates married men. Once I got over my initial disgust with this caller I went on to continue reading her post. Senorita goes on to say that she doesn't date married men, not because she owes the wife and family anything, but because of self respect.

I applaud her for that actually. I think every woman should have enough self respect to not stoop so low as to date a married man and vice versa. Her post did raise a question though. Do we owe each other anything when it comes to relationships?

I know many people will say no, we don't owe anyone anything but I am not so sure. Don't we owe each other a certain amount of consideration and respect? Shouldn't we all owe each other respect for the mere fact we are all humans who love, hurt, and bleed the same?

If not then shouldn't we at least respect the institution of marriage? If we don't have some basic respect for one another then I fear the actions and behavior we exhibit toward one another will became increasingly more deplorable and where would that lead us? I think that without respect and consideration we are really setting ourselves up for a great deal more chaos and many more societal ills then we currently experience.

Of course I wouldn't date a married man because I respect myself too much to ever settle for a piece of a man but I also respect the other woman out of a sense of sisterhood and I respect the institution of marriage.

Your thoughts?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

14 More Days

I can't believe that in 14 more days I'll be in the ATL baby! I haven't heard from Ho Bag , Crazy or Clueless but it's all good.

Baltimore is a very small place. I found out today that the attorney handling my mom's estate is also friends with the owner of the property management company that will be handling renting out my house. I also found out that a coworker and friend is the daughter of Johnny Unitas and he also is friends with her family. Small world.

Anyway, not much to report today. The move is going along swimmingly and every thing else is status quo.

I did have a small hiccup yesterday when I was trying to put out the signs for my moving sale. The ground here is frozen solid so putting the metal stakes in the ground was not happening so I had to go to the store and find something to tie the signs to polls. I couldn't get the ties to work at first and my fingers were freezing off. I finally got 3 of the 4 signs up. I ordered a 4th sign before I realized the ground was frozen and now I can't use that sign anymore. I wonder if I ignore them will they go away and not charge me for that 4th sign? keep your fingers crossed.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Weekend

Heeeellllloooo Bloghearts. How are you all this fabulous morning? I had a really cool weekend except for one little hiccup. My darn Ravens lost to those damn Steelers AGAIN. I am still sick about that. We had them all during the first half of the game....what happened? Man!

Anyway, my patio blinds are kind of broken. I've been dealing with it because it's no big deal but since I'm moving and renting out the joint I need to make sure the blinds work great so I went to Next Day Blinds to order blinds last week. The measurer guy was supposed to come over on Saturday but he called out. The woman that called told me that she would look at the times available and call me back to reschedule. That was 10:33am on Saturday and I am still waiting on that call. I just called the store to raise hell and the gentleman that answered said he'll call me right back. People, I am on a tight deadline, let's make this happen! Geesh.

I went shopping with a coworker on Sunday and had a really good time. I didn't buy anything fashionable this time just pretty basic that I can throw on and look cute and not a hot mess. I will not go shopping with Jae anymore because this heifer always have me buying shit I do not need.

I noticed something interesting this weekend, Crazy and Clueless have been kinda MIA for a while now. We haven't spoken on the phone nor have they desired to go out. I only have 2 more weekends left here in Baltimore and I think they are like "whatever" about my leaving. They have no desire to hang out before I leave. No biggie to me actually, it just solidifies my need for a fresh start with a new group of friends. I'm also excited about getting back into the dating scene as I haven't been on a date in 11 months and that is ridiculous. Mostly because I haven't put myself out there to date anyone really because I am moving so what would be the point but it will be nice to get back out there. Put on makeup, make sure the hair is on point and wearing a fly outfit and being all giggly and flirty with a cute guy across the table. I miss it so Atlanta I hope you are ready for me!

P.S. Next Day Blinds redeemed themselves by calling back and rescheduling for tomorrow from 5 - 7pm! Yes!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Coming Together

Things are coming together for this move pretty well I must say. I've ordered my furniture, I've ordered all of my utilities for the new apartment, I've scheduled my moving sale and will hopefully order the signs today, I've made an appointment with the management company to manage my house while I'm gone until I can sell it next week so all in all things are going according to plan.

My boss is looking into the feasibility of my taking my job with me to Atlanta so I'm keeping my fingers crossed there. I'm still applying for jobs. A girls' gotta have a plan B ya know.

I am looking forward to decorating the new apartment. I will surely post pictures for you all and keep you posted on the decorating project.

This weekend will be pretty quiet. My BFF's mother is coming by tomorrow to look at my bedroom set to possibly purchase it. We'll see. I am taking the Durango over to a friend of a friends' house to see if she's interested in purchasing it. I'll be really glad when I have completed this whole move and all settled.

I also plan to have an exterminator come over to the apartment the week I get into it to check to see if the place has mice. I hope not but he'll be able to tell me and hopefully close any holes he may find. I can not, I repeat, I can not live with mice. I will freaking lose my mind.

I hope you all have a great weekend and I'll be by to visit.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This is Why I Can't Stand You

Today was a prime example of why I hate mechanics and auto repair facilities. Yesterday I called an auto repair place to get a price on a new gas cap because the one on my Durango broke. I was quoted a price of $18.60. OK, no problem, I told the gentleman I'd be there sometime this week to pick one up.

Well today I decided since I was already out running errands during lunch that I'd go by the dealership and pick up the gas cap. I walk up to the parts counter and ask the guy for the gas cap. Here is where things take an ugly turn for the worst. He looks at his computer screen, punch on a few keys, asks me for the year of my vehicle, punches some more keys then says, "It'll be $25.90." SCCRRRREEEECHHHH! Did he just say $25.90? I am by no means a penny pincher and spend money like it's water but even I have to pause at this and inquire what was up. "Uuuuhhh, that's a big difference from the $18.60 I was quoted yesterday. What's the difference between the two?" He rattled off some nonsense about how one was a simple in stock item and the other was a magical cap that would keep my tank filled forever and ever with gas and my car with hearts and flowers. I give him a blank look and he punches more keys then looks at me and then charges me the $18.60.

Bastard! If I hadn't called the day before this dude would have charged me all this money for this bullshit gas cap unbeknownst to me.

Man I hate mechanics and auto repair facilities. Why do they feel the need to always rip you off?

Monday, January 10, 2011

A Little of This, A Little of That

This weekend The Analyst finally came to retrieve the stuff he left at my house. I was more then irritated because he should have gotten the things he left 2 years ago. Then on top of that he wanted to leave certain things at my house which totally irritated me further. How dare you think my house is your dumping ground. I have my entire house that I have to dispose of, why would you further burden me with also having to unload your stuff too? The inconsideration of this guy is off the charts.

Then, if that wasn't bad enough he wanted me to drop him off at the airport later that day which would not have been a big deal had it been BWI but noooo, he had to pick the airport in DC, an hour away from me. An hour! I had to pass BWI, literally, to get to National. I was livid. When you inconvenience someone, you don't further inconvenience them by having them drive you an hour out of their way. Oy vey!

On happier news, I finally told my boss today that I was moving to Atlanta. The conversation went better then I thought. She said she would look into the alternative work pattern for me and see what is needed for me to do my job in Atlanta. Keeping my fingers crossed it all works out. At least she is receptive to the idea of me working from Atlanta. I'm still gonna keep on with my job search just in case. I always have to have a plan B.

I hope you all had a great weekend. I'm off now to visit your blogs.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 30 - What is Changing in Your Life

Wow! I can't believe that today is the last day of my 30 day challenge. Woohoo! So today's challenge is to describe what is changing in my life.

If you follow my blog with any regularity you kinda already know. I am in the process of making my big move from Baltimore to Atlanta. In four weeks to be exact! This is the biggest thing I've ever done and I'm excited, nervous and overwhelmed at the same time. Although I have all of these emotions I am still pushing through because I know in my heart this needs to happen. I can not let nervousness and fear stop me from moving on to the next chapter in my life. I think that is where many people get stuck and block their blessings. They are too afraid to move on to something new and different because they are unsure of the future or the outcome and that is uncomfortable. My thing is God lets us know all the time what we should and shouldn't do, it's those unexplained feelings in the pit of your stomach or that little voice in your head. He is moving you to position you for the blessings he's ready to bestow upon you but you are too afraid of the unknown of the change to make that move and your blessings are blocked at that point because you are not where you need to be.

I am not one to let fear and discomfort stop me from doing what I know I need to do. It's very fearful and uncomfortable leaving your home that you've built your entire life, giving up your surroundings and family and friends and strike out on your own hundreds of miles away from everything you've ever known.

Now don't get me wrong, I haven't always been this actualized. There were times in my life when I let the fear over take me and I didn't make necessary changes but as I grew I came to realize I was blocking my own blessings and to trust that little voice in my head, my intuition because that is God's way of communicating to me what he wants from me. So now I listen.

I don't know what my employment situation will be once I land in Atlanta. I will tell my boss on Monday what my plans are and let the chips fall where they may but I am confident that whatever happens it will all work out. I am open and receptive to whatever is to come.

I am excited about this new chapter in my life and I am looking forward to all of it.

So what's changing in my life? Everything and I can't wait.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 29 - 10 Occasions When It's Good To Lie

Monday's post asked the question Does Honesty really Pay? Today I am going to give you 10 examples of when it's OK to lie to someone:

1. Honey, that casserole was awesome!
2. Sure honey, you are the best I ever had.
3. Nah babe, that dress doesn't make you look fat at all.
4. Yeah, that short haircut is really becoming.
5. Babe, that third boob is so sexy.
6. No you don't need lypo.
7. You do not need a nose job but if it makes you feel better then who am I to try to stop you.
8. No, your kids aren't bad at all, they're just a little rambunctious.
9. Saying no to you is hurting me more then you.
10.I really wish I could help.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 28 - When You See a Homeless Person, Do You Give Them Money?

We've all seen them. Homeless people milling around, often times begging for a little change for food. You look at the person in front of you and assess the situation. You try to determine if this person is legit or not.

When presented with this scenario, do you give the person a little change or do you keep walking?

For me, it really depends on the person, the situation we are in and the mood I'm in. There is no other way to explain it. There are times I am compelled to give to the cause then there are times when I just brush them off with a simple wave of the hand. Why do I do that? Why are there some I give to and others I don't? I guess, as I said, it boils down to the person, the situation we are in and the mood I'm in.

I remember one time when I was dating The Analyst and we went to a carry out restaurant. He went in to get us something to eat while I waited in the car. A homeless man approached The Analyst and asked for money for food. Since we were in front of a restaurant he decided to go in and get the gentleman food instead of giving him money. This dude took the food, walked around to the side of the building, dropped the bag on the sidewalk and walked back around to the front to beg for more money. Clearly this guy wanted money for drugs or alcohol and not food. I would never support any one's drug habit. Hell, I don't buy cigarettes for people. How do you know though? How do you know that this person wants the money legitimately or simply to fuel a drug habit?

Do you give to the homeless man or woman that you see in front of you?

Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 27 - Does Honesty Really Pay?

So most of us believe that being honest with someone is usually the best policy. We should be able to be as tactfully honest as possible when confronted with giving our opinion but when is it the best policy to not be so honest?

Most of the time I am honest with people because I want them to be honest with me but when it comes to possibly hurting someones feelings I tend to be a little less honest then usual. There are times though, when I could care less about hurting feelings. Those tend to be times when a little tough love is in order. I'm good at dolling out tough love.

If someone asks be if I like a particular outfit I'll give them my very honest opinion with a healthy dose of tact of course.

I don't think that being honest in every situation is necessarily the best policy. Take for instance you are on a date with someone you like. This is maybe the 3rd or 4th date and they decided to cook for you. You taste this absolutely awful mess and instantly want to puke. What do you do? You really, really, really like this person and want to get to know them. In this case, I would grin and bear it and keep my trap shut about how bad the food really is. I'd wait until we were a little more solid and comfortable with each other and very casually and tactfully let them know they no longer need to ever prepare food for me again.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 26 - A Little out of It

Wow...only 3 more days in this 30 day blog challenge. These challenges do go by really quickly.

Today is just a lazy Sunday afternoon. I feel my engergy level is at Zero. I feel like a sloth today.

I tried calling the rental office of the apartment I found in Lithonia GA. I wanted a floor plan of the 2 bedroom with loft that I rented but they are closed. I accidently gave the one they gave me back to them when I turned in my application.

Hopefully I can get them to fax it over tomorrow.

Have a great sunday everyone.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 25 - A Whole New year

I trust everyone had a wonderful and safe new year. Did anybody get shit faced drunk? I totally slept through the new year as I knew I would. I was totally wiped out from my 2 day travel extravaganza. I was rudely awaken by the loud sounds of "POP" "POP" "POP".

I am looking forward to a new year of many changes to come.

I am going to a New Years brunch at a friends house this afternoon. I just have to muster up the energy.

Have a great day everyone.