Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This is Why I Can't Stand You

Today was a prime example of why I hate mechanics and auto repair facilities. Yesterday I called an auto repair place to get a price on a new gas cap because the one on my Durango broke. I was quoted a price of $18.60. OK, no problem, I told the gentleman I'd be there sometime this week to pick one up.

Well today I decided since I was already out running errands during lunch that I'd go by the dealership and pick up the gas cap. I walk up to the parts counter and ask the guy for the gas cap. Here is where things take an ugly turn for the worst. He looks at his computer screen, punch on a few keys, asks me for the year of my vehicle, punches some more keys then says, "It'll be $25.90." SCCRRRREEEECHHHH! Did he just say $25.90? I am by no means a penny pincher and spend money like it's water but even I have to pause at this and inquire what was up. "Uuuuhhh, that's a big difference from the $18.60 I was quoted yesterday. What's the difference between the two?" He rattled off some nonsense about how one was a simple in stock item and the other was a magical cap that would keep my tank filled forever and ever with gas and my car with hearts and flowers. I give him a blank look and he punches more keys then looks at me and then charges me the $18.60.

Bastard! If I hadn't called the day before this dude would have charged me all this money for this bullshit gas cap unbeknownst to me.

Man I hate mechanics and auto repair facilities. Why do they feel the need to always rip you off?

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Cupcake said...

I shiver at the thought cuz I know they are going to find stuff....more stuff than what you went in for $$$. Also do you ever notice how your car runs like shit after, sabotage!

sunshinestar110 said...

girl!!! that is why i hate the dealership that will straight tap ur pocket on some bs...smh

Red Shoes said...

I would report him to the owner of the company... obviously he was scamming. I would fix HIS wagon!!


★Starrla Monae☆ said...

This reminds of when I took my car in for ONE thing and the mechanics "find" ten other things wrong. They make me so sick!

Anonymous said...

the only reason being we are women.