Thursday, September 27, 2007

I will not wait!!

I was driving home the other day. On the way home I suddenly had a taste for chinese food. I took the exit close to my house and realized that I had to stop by the eyeglass store to get my glasses adjusted. I then remembered that there was a great chinese restaurant right there in the same shopping center.

I had the brilliant idea to call in my food order and while they were preparing it I would get my glasses adjusted then walk over to the restaurant and pick up my food because surley it would be ready by then.

I reach in the side pocket of my driver side door and pull out the menu. I grab my cell phone and dial the number on the front and place my order.

Me: "Hi, I want to place an order for chicken lo mein and shrimp egg foo young."

Chinese restaurant employee: "What size lo mein?"

Me: "Small"

Chinese restaurant employee: "10 minute."

Me: "Ok" Perfect! I hang up and make my way to Dr. Vision Works in about 6 minutes.

They complete my glasses and I walk over to the chinese place and ask for my order.

Chinese restaurant employee: "What name?"

Me: "The woman on the phone never asked for a name. I ordered chicken lo mein and shrimp egg foo young."

Chinese restaurant employee: "We don't have order. When you call?"

Me: "About 15 mns ago."

Chinese restaurant employee: "Sorry not here. We can cook for you. 5 minutes."

Me: "The whole idea for me calling it in was so that I didn't have to wait."

Chinese restaurant employee: "Sorry....We don't have. We can cook for you. Wait."

Me: "This is ridiculous." I huff over to the chair in the waiting area and plop my butt down very attitudnal. I am steaming at the point. I so did not want to wait. How in the world could they have lost my order. Damn them. Well, 12 minutes later the order arrives.

Chinese restaurant employee: "Here you go."

Me: "About time." I pay and snatch my food as my final act of protest and walk out. I get to my car and reach for the menu and realize that the menu was for a restaurant clear on the other side of town.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Oh I had a blast!!!

Hello all. After I post this I will begin perusing all of your blogs. I need to catch up with each of you. Well, I had THE BEST vacation ever!!!! We stayed at the most amazing resort in Ft. Lauderdale. We each had our own bedrooms and bathrooms which was wonderful! We had a cute living room and dining area with a full kitchen. Really great!

We also had the most amazing meals the first 2 nights we were there. We did a lot of shopping. Boy did I shop! I spent WAY TOO MUCH money. I purchased three handbags and another large weekend bag. I found the most amazing Coach bag in the Coach store at this really great outlet. It was only $220! It was marked down from almost $300. Men, you will not understand the joy expressed here. My readers of the female persuasion know of what I speak! I could not resist this bag! The purchase was mandatory…there was nothing I could do.

We decided to drive down to Miami one night and visit South Beach. Neither one of us had ever visited Miami so this was a real treat indeed. We found this rather lively Cuban restaurant. The food and service was divine. They had fabulous dancers and a live Cuban band. There was this couple on the dance floor. Now let me tell you, it was quite apparent that these two had been dance partners for like a hundred years because they knew each others moves and fell into an easy rhythm that could only be achieved from years of dancing together, building that trust. We were all mesmerized. There was no way on God’s green earth you’d find my ass out there dancing next to those two. I knew my place…I just sat there and envied from afar.

This really young guy (old enough to my SON) tried to talk to me. Can you believe that madness? I wanted to tell him, ‘Son, you have no idea how old I really am. You really need to back away slowly as to not embarrass yourself.’ LOL

Then another night we decided to go on a boat cruise. It was advertised as a “party cruise” so we thought ‘what the hell’. We were a little leery at first when we sat down for dinner and the food was horrendous!

Well after dinner we started walking the ship and partaking in the activities and had THE BEST TIME EVER!!! There were a couple of guys that kinda latched on to us and the four of us had a ball. We sung karaoke all night and made complete fools of our selves and loved every minute of it!!

Oh, I almost forgot…we went to a tiki bar one night and saw this!!!

If you look like a crack whore in the face and have a body like Jim Carey in drag then you SHOULD NOT be wearing a two piece ANYTHING! I couldn't get a shot of her from the front without arousing suspicion so this is the best I could do folks. Her stomach made her look as if she was 6 months pregnant. Why oh why!!??

My eyes hurt for 6 hours behind this madness!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

A Little Vaca....

Hey all!!! I hope you all have a WONDERFUL weekend! I am heading out this morning to Ft. Lauderdale, FL for a little R and R. I'll be back onTuesday ready to peruse your blogs and comment!

Take Care!!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Do you believe some dreams are premonitions of what’s to come? Have you had dreams that have come true? I was talking to a friend the other day and that conversation prompted this blog post.

I personally have had certain dreams that have come true which makes me stand up and take notice when I do have a very vivid, memorable dream.

Here is one example of what I consider a dream that was actually a premonition. Here is a little background; a few years ago I was very much interested in a young man. I lived in Maryland and he lived in Georgia at the time. We talked constantly. It was great. I visited a girlfriend and her husband in Georgia on one occasion and this friend joined us. I was under the impression we were getting very close and I was enjoying it.

Well, as time went on I noticed a distance between us. We were not communicating like we should and I was feeling the space between us getting bigger.

It wasn’t long before I was beginning to suspect he was interested in another woman. I didn’t voice my feelings because I had no proof so I decided to just sit back and watch this thing unfold.

One night while in bed sleeping I had a dream. I dreamt my friend walked up three flights of stairs of an apartment building, knocked on the door several times and a young lady answered. She stepped outside and closed the door behind her. They walked a few feet to the stairs and sat down to talk. A few moments later I arrive at this apartment building and walk up the same stairs. I see the two of them chatting and cuddling on the steps. I look into the eyes of my friend and simply say, “What’s this?” The young lady looked at me, then at my friend and quietly stood up and walked back into her apartment to give my friend and me a little privacy. I looked at him again and asked, “Is this the woman you are interested in?”

He says, “Yes.” And lowers his head.

My heart sank as the realization of the situation hit me, “So this is the end for us isn’t it?”

He then says, “Yes. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for this to happen.”

I immediately wake up with such a heavy heart but a clarity I hadn’t had before. I knew at that very moment that it was really and truly indeed over between us.

I counted down the hours until I was able to talk to him later that evening. I had every intention of getting this out in the open that night.

Well, sure enough, I call him and ask him flat out, “Is there another woman?”

He became silent for a minute then said, “Yes. It just kind of happened and I didn’t know how to tell you.”

Virtual Assistants

Hello all....

If you or someone you know needs a virtual assistant please send me an email . I know some people that are in need of employment from their home.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Dr. Feel Good

Ok, so I had my regular annual exam with my OB/GYN. I enter the examining room as instructed and proceed to undress as instructed.

The doctor arrives and begins his routine breast exam, poking and prodding. Nothing out of the ordinary then all of a sudden he asks, “Have you ever had any surgeries on your breasts before?”

I answer, “No. That’s funny, that’s the exact same question the woman asked me at the place where I had my mammogram.”

Doctor: “That’s because there are no bumps or lumps anywhere. They are very soft too. It’s almost as if there were fake. They’re not drooping either.”

He then continues to poke and prod and feel all over them and now he’s making me feel uncomfortable because he just keeps feeling and poking.

The thing is...I don't have any breasts!!! HAHAHAHA!! I need to buy some because I am so flat. LOL

Hmmmm…… I wonder if my doctor is a freak. LOL

Monday, September 17, 2007

I Kicked Your Tushy!!!

Last night Mr. Construction and I decided to hang out a bit and have some fun. We decided to go to Dave and Busters as it's the perfect date spot to hang out and interact with each other and have a blast.

Now a little back ground on Mr. Construction. he is EXTREMELY competitive. Case in point, a couple of months ago we decide to go bowling. Now anyone that knows me knows that I suck majorly at bowling but I still like to go and have a good time any way. Well we play 3 games and he proceeds to beat me all three games. He was totally in his element that day. He was just so pleased with himself that he won that he keeps gloating about it even to this day. He'll make comments like, " Yeah, we need to go bowling again so I can kick your but." Or, "Yeah, let's go to Dave and Busters so I can beat you in some games." Blah, Blah, Blah. Needless to say this really gets on my nerves. It's like he absolutely has to beat me in everything or else he isn't complete.

Well, we hit Dave and Busters and the first thing we decide to do is shoot some hoops. I BEAT HIS ASS!!!! Did you hear me?? I kicked his ass. He was so out done. He then suggested we play another game. Sure! No problem. We decide on a driving game were we can race each other. We raced each other twice and...... I KICKED HIS ASS AGAIN!! Yes I did! He was too through then so he suggests we play pool because he knows I suck at pool and that is the ONE game he knows he can beat me at. I agree and we play 3 games and he beats all three. Whoop tee doo.

You know I'm just cheesing the whole entire time because Mr. Competitive got his ass kicked today by ME!! HAHAHAHA!

We grab dinner and he said, "I can't believe you beat me in games I should have won." WHAT???!!! I'm thinking to myself, 'Oh you should have won because you are a guy? Is that it? Suck these man!!!' I just grinned. I am so pleased with myself. HAHAHA!

You know he is going to try and compete with me at some other insane game just so he can win right? LOL

Friday, September 14, 2007

Vacation Layaway

How often do you take vacations during the year? I LOVE to travel so I try to get away as often as time allows. Sometimes, however, it is very difficult to get away.

Already this year I’ve gone on a few trips and plan to go to Ft. Lauderdale, FL next week.

I was talking to a friend this morning and he mentioned something about “Vacation Layaways”.

Now I’ve never heard of such. I mean when I want to go on a trip I just book it, pay for it then go. I’ve never heard of the concept of laying away your vacation. He was telling me that a woman he was involved with a little while ago had turned him on to the idea. You’d obviously have to book this through a travel agent but you’d decide where you want to go, contact the travel agent, make an initial deposit then begin making monthly payments to the agency until you’re all paid up. Interesting.

This definitely takes a lot of future planning. I probably wouldn’t book a trip in advance like that with some dude I’m just dating. He might piss me the hell off and then we’d be shit out of luck. I’d probably find it mandatory to have his ass kicked too. lol

Have any of you heard of this before? Would you consider something like that?

I supposed it could be a great way to go a vacation that you would otherwise not be able to afford.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I’m at the point now that I have to make some real decisions regarding The Manager and Mr. Construction.

Let’s start with Mr. Construction. I like him but it seems that the more I spend time with him the more I find certain habits that irritate me. For example, he and I decided to go to the movies over the weekend. We walked up to the box office and he ordered and paid for the tickets. No problem. We get to the refreshment counter to order drinks and popcorn and all that crap. He orders his stuff and pays for it. I don’t think you heard me….HE ORDERED HIS STUFF THEN PAID FOR IT. I’m standing there thinking to myself, ‘No he didn’t’. I have never had a guy do that to me on a date. After he gets his food I then order mine. He did give me the money to pay for it but still. He should have ordered our stuff together. That is what I’m used to. I have NEVER had a guy order his stuff then pay for it with out asking me what I wanted. That irritated the hell out of me. Maybe I’m making a big deal out of nothing but I am used to being treated a certain way and I will not compromise on that. I think he is not used to being a gentleman…. being chivalrous.

Then there is The Manager. He is really nice and tries to be very attentive. The problem is he is going through a divorce right now and I’m not sure how comfortable he is with the whole dating thing. He’s not very affectionate in public. I’m not sure if he is ready for a relationship right now. He tells me that this is a new thing for him. Maybe I should be patient and cut him some slack. I don’t know.

Maybe I should cut them both loose and just be on my own until the right one comes along. I am a very confused woman right now.

Monday, September 10, 2007


Ok I’m not sure what the hell I should do. Let me give you a little background: I have a male buddy named “Will”. I’ve known Will for many years now. I’ve been to his house, he’s been to mine…really nice guy. Anyway, Will has this buddy named “Terry”. Terry and Will have been friends for MANY…MANY years.

Well somehow Terry saw a picture of me and told Will he wanted to meet me. No problem. Well Terry waited so long in trying to meet that I met a guy and we started to date seriously so Terry was OUT. Will gave a cookout at his home for his young daughters’ birthday. I was attending with my then boyfriend. I was told by Will that Terry would be there as well. Cool. I was glad as I was finally going to get to see this dude in person. Well I arrive with said boyfriend and ask Will if Terry was still there and he informed me that Terry had left. I was slightly disappointed because I wanted to see him face to face. Anyway we stay and have a good time then leave after awhile.

Fast forward a week later and I was told that Terry was in fact still there but he was in the house looking out onto the back patio deck at us. I, at first, (and still do) think that was not true. I think they got something mixed up because that doesn’t sound very rational. Terry claimed he didn’t want to face me then with my boyfriend there. Sounds strange to me but oh well.

This all took place about 7 years ago. Over the course of the years Terry and I have had a few email and IM chats where he wanted to meet, I agree then he would somehow stand me up.

I hate being stood up so I would never contact him for an explanation. I would just ignore him from then on. He’d try contacting me again at some point then I’d give in and chat with him then he’d make some point of asking for a date then…boom! Stand me up all over again.

Well, I hadn’t spoken to Terry in about 2 years and all of a sudden he starts to IM me last week. Now mind you he now has a woman that he is living with.

He again asks to meet me and again promises to not stand me up this time and all that jazz. He also made it perfectly clear that even though he is very unhappy in his current relationship he has no intention of leaving this woman.

With all this said, why did my dumb ass reluctantly cave in again and agree to meet him at a restaurant near my house for a drink?

What the hell am I thinking? I should tell him to take a flying leap shouldn’t I?

Friday, September 7, 2007

I feel like a Mack truck hit my face!!!

Hello all! I’m BACK!!! Well, here’s a little low down on what’s going on with me lately.

I had the surgery I was telling you all about. It’s funny, I didn’t know that I was ALSO receiving a Septoplasty until I got there. I saw on one of the forms that I was receiving an Endoscopic Sinus Surgery as well as a Septoplasty. My eyes widened. Now the funny part is that I am addicted to Dr. 90210 so I’ve seen them do septoplasty’s before and I thought to myself ‘I wonder why Dr. Soandso didn’t suggest I have one of those?’ Hmmmmmmm…. LOL

Anyway, the procedure was cool. I was mad nervous because I have never had a surgical procedure before so I was not sure what to expect. They escort me into the OR and immediately one of the nurse’s walked in and said to Dr. Soandso, “I guess you won’t be needing that extra long stretcher huh?” I wanted to stab her in the eye. God love her. Actually they all put me in a great mood and tried to ease my anxiety. I laid on the table and told the CRNA that I was nervous and she said, “Oh, I have something for that.” I said, “You do?” Amazed but also skeptical. She said, “Yep, as soon as I give you this you won’t feel nervous at all.” I’m thinking to myself ‘BRING IT!!!’ LOL

God bless her because as soon as she shot whatever lovely concoction she had in that syringe into my IV my head started spinning. I IMMEDITELY said “Hey, my head is spinning.” I then proceeded to laugh uncontrollably…..then….that was it! The next then I knew I was being awakened by people yelling at me, “DIVA! Wake up!” You gotta go!” Ok, so they didn’t say the “you gotta go” part but they were by my bed yelling at me and I had this mask thing on my face. I remember thinking, “It’s over?’

So as you can see the procedure was a cake walk but oh baby…the recuperating is another story. I felt an enormous amount of pressure and discomfort for the next 4 days after. The Analyst was right there by my side. He stayed with me, cooking, getting me drinks, cleaning my yucky bloody nose and gauze. He was absolutely amazing. If any of you need an attentive male nurse, I’ll pimp loan him to you for a nominal fee.

The Manager was calling or texting a great deal of the time checking on me which was great. My best bud, “The Extremist”, was amazing too. She came over one day and helped The Analyst change my gauze. Now that’s a friend. I love her!

All in all things are coming back to normal. I’m still really sore and uncomfortable in the nasal area but it’s getting better.

Oh, I almost forgot. I had my first pre-op on Wednesday. They started yanking and pulling shit out of my nose. I had no idea all that crap could fit up there. OH MY GOODNESS!! The physician assistant said to me, “Close your eyes and be still. This will be uncomfortable.” I brace myself but once she started pulling all that packing out I had NEVER felt anything like that in my life!!!! I jumped and squirmed and screamed and she yelled at me, “BE STILL!” I looked at her and said, “You have got to be kidding. YOU sit here and let me dig shit outta your nose that’s packed WAY up in there and see how still YOU will be.” She just blinked and kept yanking and pulling. I hate her.

Everything else is going great. I’ll update you all on some other stuff tomorrow.

See ya on your blogs!!!!!