Sunday, March 30, 2008

What Do You Consider Cheating?

I know you guys have heard this question or even answered this question a million times but I would still like to know your thoughts. What do you consider cheating?

Does holding an intimate conversation on the phone with someone cheating?

Is simply going to lunch or dinner with someone cheating?

Is kissing cheating?

Is holding hands cheating?

I want to get your take on this. Are there degrees to cheating and is one thing more forgivable then the other?

Also, how likely are you to forgive your cheating significant other? Me personally, if you cheat...we are done. There are no second chances with me in regards to this.

I think going out with some one is cheating. Definitely kissing is cheating.

What are your thoughts folks. Talk to me.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I've been Tagged!

Poker Girl In Vegas tagged me. I think I was tagged about a month ago but forgot by whom. Sorry if I forgot to do your meme. It was not intentional. If you are the one I forgot just remind me and I'll get right to it. lol

So here is what I'm supposed to do. I must list 5 things you probaly don't know about me. Ohhhhh, there are so many, where do I begin.


5. I can be pretty judgemental. Lord knows I try not to be but dammit if you are a hot mess I am going to comment. I have no choice really.

4. I hate confrontation. Its true. I try to avoid confrontation if at all possible but if I can't.....WWWHHHHHOOOOO boy! That's all I can say.

3. My parents were the most unaffectionate people in the world. I don't remember my parents EVER telling me "I love you". I don't think I have ever heard them utter those words. EVER.

2. I have serious road rage. Its controlled but dammit it's there.

1. I seriously want to have plastic surgery. I want lypo of my chin and abdomin. I want butt and hip implants because I have no butt and hips.

Let's see....I must tag 5 people. I'll tag:

Mom's my name, don't wear it out

Have fun!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Way To Come out!

Ok, a few years ago I used to work as a technical trainer for this software training company. We were doing so well that we needed to add an additional trainer to our staff. They hired this woman that was actually really nice. We'll call her Bea. As time went on Bea and I became really good friends. I liked her alot.

Well, as fate would have it, I decided it was time to move on to bigger and better things so I gave my two week notice that I was leaving. My boss and co workers decided on my last day to take me out to dinner to celebrate my new job and to wish me well. I thought it was a very sweet gesture.

We all gathered at this really cool restaurant and ate and laughed and had a really good time. When we were done we realized the night was still young so Bea had this brilliant idea to keep the party going and drop in on this really happening night spot downtown. Kay (another co-worker) and I were down so the three of us went on to this club after dinner.

Once we got in there Kay and I immediately realized this was not your ordinary bar. Oh no. As we all stood around talking and drinking and playing pool in the back Kay and I kept feeling this weird vibe going on in this place but kinda brushed it off.

As time went on I needed to visit the little girls room. As I announced my intent Bea suddenly realized she had to go as well. No biggie. We find the ladies room and once I opened the door I noticed that there was just one stall in this one bathroom. I was a little apprehensive. Bea seeing my trepidation said, "You go ahead first. I'll just turn my head while you go." A little weirded out I agreed and began to use the bathroom. While doing so Bea and I are holding a conversation. "So Diva, how are you enjoying this place?"

"Oh it's a cool spot. Lots of fun."

"You notice any weirdness?" she asks.

Oh, you mean besides you standing in the bathroom while I pee. Not at all. "No. No weirdness, just like a funny vibe or something."

"I don't know if you noticed this or not but this is a gay bar." she says.

OK! That explains the vibe I was getting. I'm cool. I can deal. No problem. "Oh. OK. I've never been to a gay club before."

"I come here alot. I don't know if you noticed or not but I'm gay too."

Oh noooo!!! I have never stopped peeing so quickly in my life!!! I zipped up my pants so fast I got dizzy. I tried not to act phased by what she said and simply replied, "Oh really. I hadn't notice."

She picks this very moment to come out. This very moment when we are both locked in a bathroom together with my pants down to tell me some crap like this. After I washed my hands I told her, "I'll wait for you outside."

Damn if I'm gonna get caught in there now. She and I remained friends for years afterward but that was a weird night. lol

Just an FYI....people, please rethink coming out when you are locked in a bathroom with someone. I'm just saying.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Open Your Eyes

Renewing of wedding vows should be a meaningful event …….right? It’s pretty significant right?

Well, a couple of weeks ago a friend of mine and her husband decided to renew their marriage vows in church on a Sunday. Several of us (friends and family) gathered at this church to witness this event and to lend our support.

Let’s backtrack a minute shall we? About 7 ½ years ago hubby (we’ll call him Dumbass) cheated on his wife and tore their family apart. They have two children and have been married for 11 years at that point. The wife (we’ll call her Clueless) was so devastated by Dumbass’s indiscretion that she put him out of the house. He eventually moved in with the bimbo he cheated with. For the next three years Clueless and Dumbass were apart but communicating for the sake of the kids. Clueless never stopped wanted to reunite her family. Dumbass didn’t really seem all that interested in coming back into the family fold. He seemed quite happy with Bimbo.

Well, as fate would have it, Dumbass fell ill. He had a minor stroke. See how fate and karma work? Anyway, Clueless sees this as her golden opportunity to take her wifely duties to heart and reunite the family at the same time by bringing Dumbass back into the home and caring for him during his recovery.

It’s now been four years since they’ve been reunited and from the outside things look fine between them. He’s fully recovered and has since commenced to working two jobs to keep the family afloat while Clueless stays at home and runs a small daycare that really is not bringing in much money.

Its recently come to light that Dumbass is back out there cheating again. With not one woman but THREE different women now. His DUMBASS told a close friend of the both of them about these three women. This friend is conflicted because he really likes Clueless but doesn’t want to hurt her.

It is my firm belief that we women KNOW when our men are out there cheating whether we what to acknowledge it or not. We know. I knew when my husband was cheating. Clueless knows too. She told a mutual friend of ours that she had a dream that Dumbass was cheating on her again but she brushed it off as nothing more then a dream. Yeah….ok.

Anyway, fast forward to this marriage vow renewal ceremony. We are all gathered to witness these couples renew their marriage vows before God, friends and family. I am sitting next to my girlfriend T (we’ll call her Crazy because she cracks me up ALL the time! Lol) Anyway, so Crazy and I are sitting there together and we keep giving each other the side glances because we know this whole thing is a farce. The Priest tells the men to repeat after him, “I promise to love, honor and be faithful…” SCREECH!!!! Stop the presses. Dumbass looks his wife straight in the eye and says those very words with a straight face! Wow! Then for dramatic purposes he begins to tear up. Yeah…right.

Crazy and I just side glance each other and nearly bust a gut trying NOT to burst out laughing hysterically.

The whole service lasted 3 hours!!!! I was out done. Crazy leans in to me and says, “I’m gonna pray this man shuts up.” She then leans up close to the pew in front of her and puts her hands together as if to pray and then says, “Lord, please stop….” That was it. I turned away from her and just cracked up laughing. I couldn’t hold it in any longer. The woman in front of us turned around and scowled at us as if to say “Shut the hell up!” then turned back around. Crazy almost got us thrown out of church!!!

It was planned days prior that after church we’d all go out to dinner at a local restaurant. Why did Dumbass all of a sudden become too tired to attend the dinner? Hmmm…yeah…ok.

At dinner Clueless says, “Did you all notice that Dumbass started crying in church?” Crazy and I look at her and simply say, “Yep.” Clueless says, “Dumbass is going through some thing. I don’t know what but he’ll work it out.” Hmmm…could it be that he was feeling guilty for lying in church in front of GOD?! Could it be he promised to be faithful but he doesn’t know the meaning of the word?

Crazy and I just look with blank stares. You know what the hell your husband is going through. You just don’t want to face it again.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another One!!!!

Damn I can't wait!!!!!! I miss all my SATC friends. They were just as excited as I am about this movie but we've all lost contact. :( I miss them.

I need some new SATC friends to gush about this with.

Did I say I CAN'T WAIT!!!! lol

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

You Parents Have My Total Respect

My youngest brother travelled to Alabama to visit my uncle this week. I was charged with taking his two daughters to school Monday and Tuesday mornings. I had no idea what in the world you all had to deal with getting kids off and out to school every morning. My goodness.

First let’s start with Monday morning. They spent the night with my brother’s fiancĂ©e and I picked them up from her house. The youngest one (aged 9) comes out of the bathroom still in her pajamas. I said, “Girl! Where in the world are your clothes?” “I don’t know.” she says. Apparently she forgot to pack them in her little bag the day before. So I had to drive her to her house, have her change her clothes then get her off to meet her school bus. I pick them up after school and bring them to my house to spend the night! Yippeeee!!! Quality time with my babies! Let’s start with the fact that these little rug rats (aged 9 and 13) were in no mood to go to bed at 11:00pm. Mind you we had to get up at 5:15am to get off on time. I don’t think you heard me… 5:15 AM!!! Once I coerced them into bed after pleas of “I’m not sleepy.” “Can I finish this game?” “Can I have some juice?” it was all good. In the midst of all this my brother called and asked if the girls did their homework. Homework? Oh yeah. Ummm, kids still get that don’t they? DRATS!

The alarm blared at 5:15 almost making me jump out of my skin. Damn! We JUST laid down.

I walk into their room to wake them and of course I had to yank them out of bed and drag them across the floor by their feet into the bathroom across the hall because gentle pleas of “Come on girls. It’s time to rise and shine.” And then moment’s later, returning to the room, “Come on girls. Time to get ready for school.” just were not working.

Once I check for the 20th time that they were indeed up and out of bed I proceeded to get myself ready for work. Once we were all dressed I had to tell them 5 times to make up their bed before we left. I went into the bathroom they were using and put their wash clothes into the dirty clothes hamper and take their toothbrushes to them because they were surely about to leave them in my bathroom at my house.

Then, once all of that madness was over we had to load up my truck with their clothes and book bags and games and such. Oh my!

We get in the car and it dawns on me, 'I can’t send these girls off to school without breakfast.' You see, breakfast didn’t even enter my mind…until we were in the car the next morning on the way to school. So we make a beeline to McDonalds and get them some of that greasy goodness that will surely get their day started off just right.

Oh, yeah…you parents have my complete respect and admiration for doing this crap EVERY FREAKIN DAY!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Who Do You Blog For?

This question popped in my mind this morning as I was perusing blogs and reading. There is a blogger I am pretty fond of but reading his posts as of late have really turned me off. It's made me look at him in a negative light because of some of the things he's written.

Well, this guy posts and he posts and he posts. But no one really comments on his posts. He writes as if others are reading and commenting but no one is commenting.

It made me think. If I blogged and no one read my blog would I continue to write? If the answer is no then who am I really blogging for?

When I first started blogging, it was with the intention of chronicling personal aspects of my life. Pretty much like a diary but it would be online so I wouldn't run the risk of my friends and family reading it. Then it evolved into interacting and writing for those that actually read my blog.

Because no one in my personal life reads this I can be completely free to write what I feel but I get such a thrill when I receive comments that now I don't know if I would blog without an audience. Wierd. I don't know.

Who do you blog for? If no one commented on your blog would you still write?

Sunday, March 9, 2008

What is this?

OK, so the neighbors dogs surprisingly have been pretty quiet the last few days. Could it be the cyanide I put in their food bowl? LOL Just kidding. The dogs have been quiet but now I have another annoyance to deal with.

Someone's car alarm SCREECHES at least seven times every damn morning! What is that about? If you have a tricky or malfunctioning car alarm, do us all a favor and DON'T SET THE DAMN THING. Geesh!

These people are about to really make me go postal.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I'm Jealous

That's right I said it. I am jealous as hell of all you bloggers that have actual interesting blog fodder to post about daily.

I mean really. Some of you have some really terrific, fun filled lives and can actually post something new daily in your blog.

There are times when things get crazy for me then there are times , like now, when things are pretty quiet. Those quiet times don't exactly make for good blog read.

I do have to report though that I have to go to Alabama next weekend, however. No it's not for pleasure or anything like that (Who the hell would go to Alabama for a fun time anyway? HAHAHA). My uncle (father's brother) is terminally ill and apparently not feeling up to par these days. My mother and I want to go see him so we are flying down next Friday. My brothers are going down this week. There is no way in hell I could make that 13-15 hour drive. UGH!

It's pretty sad that he is in the state that he's in. He's a really great guy. He flew all the way up to Baltimore in 1995 to give me away at my wedding.

Monday, March 3, 2008


This weekend was pretty low key. I did nothing Friday and Saturday. I called my best friend and told her I was coming over to visit her on Sunday and see the baby. I hadn't seen her new baby in several months and I was beginning to feel like a terrible friend. She decided to cook me breakfast so we sat in her dining room and ate breakfast and talked over tea while the baby slept. It was really nice. Once the baby awoke I picked him up and played with him for awhile. He is the cutest little thing. He is only 7 months and growing like a weed. I am a little concerned though because his forehead is beginning to protrude a bit and it has me worried. I hope and pray he's ok. He was born severely premature (at 24 weeks) and 1 lb. He stayed in the hospital in the NICU for about 3 months or so.

After breakfast I ran a few errands then later that evening I met a friend for dinner. It was cool except my friend was over the top friendly with our waiter. First of all, she practically demanded this guy wait our table even though it wasn't even in his section. He did it though. He was a really nice guy. She was just harassing the poor kid. It was embarrassing. She requested his manager come over before we even received our meal to tell him how great she thought our waiter was. Okkkkaaaaayyyy. Anyway she then decides she wants to hook him up with a co worker she thinks would be great for him. Then she kept saying how she couldn't date a child, referring to the fact that he was only 22 and she was 40. Whatever. Weird. If it doesn't make sense to you then you are not alone because the whole exchange didn't make sense to me either.

As she was eating her salad she found a piece of shrimp. She brought this to our waiters' attention and asked for a free desert because he previously mentioned he bought an earlier table a desert for some mishap with their meal. I couldn't believe her.

Well when the check came and we divided it among our respective credit cards the waiter placed her desert on MY card instead of making it gratis or at least charging it to her since she was the one that ate it and not me. I just paid it without making a big fuss. Bananas.

Then I left dinner and went to visit mom. She was in the dining room eating dinner so things were cool. After she finished we boarded the elevator to go upstairs to her room. When the elevator doors opened on her floor and she proceeded out she ran down this poor little old lady standing there waiting to board with her motor scooter. I couldn't believe her. LOL Mom just turned around and kept it moving. Never uttering a single word to this poor lady. I excused us and apologized profusely. I felt so bad. She wasn't hurt or anything but it could have been ugly.

As you can see Sunday was crazy. LOL

UPDATE: The Analyst is still living with me. Every time it's a good time for him to leave something happens to prevent it. He is looking for a job in NJ or PA which suites me just fine as I want him to leave in a major way so I think this firing happened for a reason. Its what he need to finally move away from here. I'm keeping my fingers crossed he finds something really fast so he can leave. I'm still being very supportive though.