Wednesday, January 19, 2011

14 More Days

I can't believe that in 14 more days I'll be in the ATL baby! I haven't heard from Ho Bag , Crazy or Clueless but it's all good.

Baltimore is a very small place. I found out today that the attorney handling my mom's estate is also friends with the owner of the property management company that will be handling renting out my house. I also found out that a coworker and friend is the daughter of Johnny Unitas and he also is friends with her family. Small world.

Anyway, not much to report today. The move is going along swimmingly and every thing else is status quo.

I did have a small hiccup yesterday when I was trying to put out the signs for my moving sale. The ground here is frozen solid so putting the metal stakes in the ground was not happening so I had to go to the store and find something to tie the signs to polls. I couldn't get the ties to work at first and my fingers were freezing off. I finally got 3 of the 4 signs up. I ordered a 4th sign before I realized the ground was frozen and now I can't use that sign anymore. I wonder if I ignore them will they go away and not charge me for that 4th sign? keep your fingers crossed.

3 People saying stuff:

Tonya said...

I just found out a girl in my daughter's class is the granddaughter of the person who owns the Bears!

OHmommy said...

Wishing you a smooth transition.

La Cremiere said...

So the signs are up (at least 3 of 4) have you started with the boxes yet? Got lots to pack?