Monday, January 17, 2011

The Weekend

Heeeellllloooo Bloghearts. How are you all this fabulous morning? I had a really cool weekend except for one little hiccup. My darn Ravens lost to those damn Steelers AGAIN. I am still sick about that. We had them all during the first half of the game....what happened? Man!

Anyway, my patio blinds are kind of broken. I've been dealing with it because it's no big deal but since I'm moving and renting out the joint I need to make sure the blinds work great so I went to Next Day Blinds to order blinds last week. The measurer guy was supposed to come over on Saturday but he called out. The woman that called told me that she would look at the times available and call me back to reschedule. That was 10:33am on Saturday and I am still waiting on that call. I just called the store to raise hell and the gentleman that answered said he'll call me right back. People, I am on a tight deadline, let's make this happen! Geesh.

I went shopping with a coworker on Sunday and had a really good time. I didn't buy anything fashionable this time just pretty basic that I can throw on and look cute and not a hot mess. I will not go shopping with Jae anymore because this heifer always have me buying shit I do not need.

I noticed something interesting this weekend, Crazy and Clueless have been kinda MIA for a while now. We haven't spoken on the phone nor have they desired to go out. I only have 2 more weekends left here in Baltimore and I think they are like "whatever" about my leaving. They have no desire to hang out before I leave. No biggie to me actually, it just solidifies my need for a fresh start with a new group of friends. I'm also excited about getting back into the dating scene as I haven't been on a date in 11 months and that is ridiculous. Mostly because I haven't put myself out there to date anyone really because I am moving so what would be the point but it will be nice to get back out there. Put on makeup, make sure the hair is on point and wearing a fly outfit and being all giggly and flirty with a cute guy across the table. I miss it so Atlanta I hope you are ready for me!

P.S. Next Day Blinds redeemed themselves by calling back and rescheduling for tomorrow from 5 - 7pm! Yes!

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sunshinestar110 said...

I feel your pain about the Ravens...I'm not fan of the steelers nor ravens but lawd know i didn't the steelers to advance on *wipes tears*. The count down begins before you say good bye to Baltimore I'm so happy for you and dating is like riding a bike you never forget how to do it! awwww you just mad me miss the whole dating scene *sigh*

Jeni said...

Now you all are going to make me feel a bit guilty about my Steelers win yesterday. Well, that's done with. Feeling a bit better about that now. LOL Actually, the Steelers are my second favorite team as my true team is the REDSKINS -who tend to be a bit sporadic, sometimes bordering on worthless too -or so it seems -but what the heck. It's just a game and I think they need all the support they can get. Good luck that things will continue to come together for you and your move. Peace.

The True Urban Queen said...

Well, as a member of the Steelers nation, I must say I am not sorry for your lost. HAHA.


How exciting. Making the move. I can't wait to move to the big city. I got my eyes on NY. It will probably take me a year or two to make the move.

I am on taking a year off from dating, which I think you know, it has been good for me to focus on myself and my goals.

Have fun meeting all the new men who await you in ATL.
I'm sure we will get to read all about them.

~nOe~ said...

Yay for new friends and new start!
I personally, can't wait!
(i'm moving in July)

Stacy Lynn said...

I am trying REALLY hard to feel bad and have an appropriately sad expression on my face about the Ravens' loss, but darn...I keep coming back to THE STEELERS KICKED SOME RATBIRD BUTT! and that makes me smile. Sorry. ;)

Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog today.

Jazzy Cazy said...

I feel your pain, after I ranted and raved about football on my blog, the damn Pats had to lose to the Jets! Not a good weekend for football!