Friday, January 14, 2011

Coming Together

Things are coming together for this move pretty well I must say. I've ordered my furniture, I've ordered all of my utilities for the new apartment, I've scheduled my moving sale and will hopefully order the signs today, I've made an appointment with the management company to manage my house while I'm gone until I can sell it next week so all in all things are going according to plan.

My boss is looking into the feasibility of my taking my job with me to Atlanta so I'm keeping my fingers crossed there. I'm still applying for jobs. A girls' gotta have a plan B ya know.

I am looking forward to decorating the new apartment. I will surely post pictures for you all and keep you posted on the decorating project.

This weekend will be pretty quiet. My BFF's mother is coming by tomorrow to look at my bedroom set to possibly purchase it. We'll see. I am taking the Durango over to a friend of a friends' house to see if she's interested in purchasing it. I'll be really glad when I have completed this whole move and all settled.

I also plan to have an exterminator come over to the apartment the week I get into it to check to see if the place has mice. I hope not but he'll be able to tell me and hopefully close any holes he may find. I can not, I repeat, I can not live with mice. I will freaking lose my mind.

I hope you all have a great weekend and I'll be by to visit.

5 People saying stuff:

B said...

I'm glad everything is coming together for you!

Tonya said...

wow you are really doing it! So excited for you.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

It all sounds exciting. I'll pray for the mouse fairy to clear out any critters. lol

Pretty Brown Sistah said...

Congrats on your move, my fmaily and I are in the process of moving to Atlanta also, and I'm pretty excited about our new life, I think change is good!....I'm very excited for you, and please take pictures, I Love pictures!

Pretty Brown Sistah said...

I was meaning to say Family....sorry!