Friday, August 5, 2011

I'm Moving!!!

Guess what my lovely bloghearts. I'm moving! It's not what you think, I'm simply moving to a different area here in Georgia. I'll still be in the same county so I'm not going too far but I am so very exited to move.

My current apartment has a terrible heating and AC system, the building is terribly dirty and management seems just fine with it. I can't live in a dirty building; it's embarrassing and I just can't anymore. And then there is the issue of DirecTV. I can not wait to get rid of them. Last week they were supposed to send me a filter so that I can attach it to the new DVR that finally came but do you think I ever received it? Uh, that would be a no. I am paying for a multi room DVR that I can not use and that sucks. I called to cancel my service but the guy on the phone was adamant that I should let him dispatch a tech out to my house. Fine, he can send anyone he wants but I am still going to cancel the service and I am shaking with excitement just thinking about it.

I had to call AT&T six times to finally get my new service correct. Everytime I called they kept telling me different information. Did I tell you I can't wait to move?

On a different note, one of the first friends I met when I first got here is moving next week to New Jersey and that sucks. Oh well.

I almost forgot to mention this, I went to a TV taping the other day and it was filled with many celebrities. That was way cool.

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imbeingheldhostage said...

That's it??? You're not even gonna tell us who the celebrities were? Tease ;-)

Good luck with your move (I'd give the Direct people the wrong address if they're adamant on sending a new tech out).

Tonya said...

So excited for you to be moving on to better places :)

be naughty said...


D.Burns said...

I'm glad you're moving also, So Who were the celebrities that you seen?...Tell us Please!!!...LOL