Monday, October 19, 2009

Not Knowing What You Want!

It has become increasingly clear to me recently that people just don't know what they want. I know that statement can be attributed to both men and women but my focus today is on men.

Men really don't know what they want. I'm not even sure they realize that themselves. Let's narrow down this statement further and zero in on their dating habits. Men join dating sites under the guise of wanting to find a mate but what they really want is just another one night stand or prolonged booty call partner that's at their disposal.

I have several single female friends and they all have the exact same complaint. The men they meet have just one goal and that is to get them into bed.

Whatever happened to waiting on that, getting to know each other first? If you were serious about wanting a mate then you wouldn't be so quick to rush things. Just my observation.

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Anonymous said...

i'm thinking that they do know what they want. they are just using the guise of interest in a relationship via dating websites to lure women. THEY ARE PANTY PREDATORS! which is unfortunate because on those sites is is generally assumed that everybody on there is looking for love not sex.

Senorita said...

Your observation is 100% correct.

Men SAY that they want a relationship, but I really think that they just like the idea of it. Plus, if a woman is going to put out, he's not going to turn her down. That's just like offering money to someone. You don't appreciate it as much as if you had worked for it, but you'd be stupid to turn it down.

There are plenty of "liberated" women out there to keep these men supplied.

Men can't have those booty calls unless women allow it. And since many women lower their standards and put out so fast, this problem isn't going away.

I am not blaming women, and I am not saying that booty calls are a bad thing. I am just saying that things aren't they way they used to be, and they have become a little tougher for women that are actually holding out for a relationship and making men work for it.

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

They either don't know what they want or IF they DO know, YOU aren't what they want. And that's fine but at least be honest about it instead of LYING and then not even being man enough to admit that you lied about it. It's sad that supposed adults still play these childish games.

Sandi McBride said...

I blame McDonalds
nuff said

lisaq said...

It's a tale as old as time girl...just a different medium to achieve it. That being said those guys have always been out there, but I have to believe there are some out there looking for more than just a quick roll in the hay.

Karen said...

I think that men and women want different things from different partners. For example, If a guys knows a girl isn't right for him long term, he might just want to get laid. But from a differnt girl he might want a relationship.

I read what Senorita responded and I don't mind the idea of the booty call. I think it serves a purpose for both the man and woman. Most guys don't want a relationship with those girls. When they are ready to settle down the look for the right woman - who they can bring home to mama and who they could raise children with. I don't think easy women are ruining men for the rest of us.

But I might be wrong. I am still single after all. ;-)

moooooog35 said...

I don't get how you say that men don't know what they want and then say exactly what we want.

"..what they really want is just another one night stand or prolonged booty call partner that's at their disposal."

I mean, really...that pretty much nails it.

Liam said...

Men have been lying to women about their intentions since the cave days. It is going to be a hard habit to break.....

Jeni said...

My vote goes to the column under your theory! Makes perfectly good sense to me, that's for sure.

shorty said...

Ummm....I know some women like this. Nearly as many woman as men actually.

Personally speaking....I met an amazing sex partner off a dating site and I'm glad I did. No shame in my game from time to time. Atleast they are sober! For the most part...not like picking up a one night stand in a bar. :)

All joking aside...I quit the whole dating site thing because it was primarily for that and that isn't what I'm looking for. However, I do think it's a great outlet to meet strange and unusual people and sometimes really great networking opportunities arise.