Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What I Did Yesterday

Hello All. I hope you had a fabulous weekend. I had a very nice and quiet weekend. I dog sat this weekend as my brother went to New Orleans with his girlfriend. The dog was actually well behaved and that's saying something for him! lol

Anyway, yesterday I took the train to New York to view a live taping of the Wendy Williams show. For those of you who do not know who she is, take a look.
She's a national talk show host who used to have her own radio show. She's the self proclaimed queen of all media. I have to admit when she was on the radio as popular as she was I didn't like her because I thought she was a very mean spirited person. But since I have started watching her show I have grown to love her! She dishes as if she is your best girlfriend sitting on your sofa.

I live tweeted from the show so these are pics I took from my camera phone and posted on twitter and I thought I'd share with you.

Here is my entry ticket into the show.

We had to go through a metal detector to make sure we weren't packing any heat.

We were led into a pretty decent audience waiting room.

Then after waiting for awhile we were all herded into the studio.

Initially, I was seated a couple of rows from the front. SCORE!!! I was a sure-in to be on camera then all of a sudden the audience seating bitch comes and tells me to move and sat me close to the back. I was heated. I was the third person in line and I wind up in the back. I was sooo not happy about that.

Seating issues aside I had a blast. The studio was as small as I had suspected it to be and Wendy was a load of fun.

Wendy, when I come back to your studio please tell the audience seating bitch that I will not be seated in the back again!

Love you Wendy!!

9 People saying stuff:

JStar said...

LOL...I am glad you had fun...I never liked her because she seems put on and fake and I HATE her "saying" LOL...But this post made me think about atleast watchin...I had always refused to watch...

The Dish said...

That last line cracked me up! But I still think she was born a man!

Jeni said...

Congrats on scoring getting to see the show in person -regardless of the rearranging done by the "seating bitch." I think I would have had a few words with her over the reason behind that move but then again, doing that might warrant getting tossed out on one's butt too and better to not risk having that happen, huh?

Senorita said...

Ooooh, fuck that seating bitch ! I love Wendy Williams too ! Glad you had fun !

Noelle said...

That seating bitch has a lot of nerve. No wonder they make sure no one is 'packing heat' before they let them in. lol.

Amber said...

I've never heard of her but I think it would be fun to go to the taping of a show!

Though I'm a bit disappointed you didn't go all Jerry Springer-esque on stage. :0)

Just telling it like it is said...

well at least your famous in your famous in your own mind...you should have told her your very famous good advise

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

What was the reason behind moving you? I would've had words but only afterwards so that security didn't kick you off the set.

Mike Lowrey said...

Ha, yeah I gave up on the whole TV talk show thing back in the 90's.

I was on like 5 episodes of Montell and 3 Ricki Lake shows.
I'm sure I was on a few others but it was boring. It's not a dude thing unless the show has hot chicks on it. I'm sure there were plenty of sugary dudes in Wendy's audience, lol.

She's scary to look at. But I'm like every other guy. tormented by the fact that I think she looks like a monster but can sit there and stare at her chest all damn day, and most of the next day, lol.

I hope you had fun, and at least got some of the free junk she gives out. Oprah gives out cars, Wendy gives out car keychains.

At least you got out and did something new and exciting.