Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hello all. This is Labor Day weekend which means only one thing....the summer is coming to a close. Usually I dread this time of year because I love my spring and summer months but actually, this year I am ambivalent about it. I guess because this year I will be in the south for the first time and won't have to deal with all the freezing temps and 4 feet of snow I'm used to. Yes it gets cold here in GA but nothing like what the north receives.

I talked to all of my peeps in MD recently to make sure everyone is OK. The north east has had some really crazy things happen recently. First an earthquake then a hurricane right after. Yowzers. We got nothing here. That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!

Getting back the the whole Labor Day thing, who's having a bbq? I need some free food and a bbq to crash so fess up. I promise to bring my wonderful whit and charm. You can leave your address in the comments, its safe here.

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Tonya said...

yes the weather was one of the reasons I loved living in Georgia and must be why I freeze in the winter in the midwest :)

Anonymous said...

Smoking ribs and watching college football all weekend starting tonight, woo hoo

Stacy Lynn said...

You are really rubbing that weather thing in....I would too if I lived there, but I'd also be b****ing up a storm over the heat.

Enjoy the holiday weekend! (I will be seeing me some Toby on Saturday)

Freckle Face Girl said...

Winter is much better in the South! Actually, October to March is the best!

Everyone here is holding off on making weekend plans. First because it has been too CRAZY hot to do a bbq. Second, it looks like it is going to rain this weekend. I guess we'll be grilling on the George Foreman from the kitchen. :(

Senorita said...

I am really sad about the end of summer. It really went by fast this year :(

♛ FWB said...

Hope to see you in the chat tomorrow (8pm eastern)! =]We're discussing and debating it all out. Be there to set the record straight!

We LOVE all that you have to say here on your site =].

<3 FWB