Thursday, September 15, 2011

Let's Have The Talk

How many of you watch The Talk? I've been a faithful viewer since the very beginning. I love this show. I much preferred it over The View because the first ladies of the morning are usually a little too political for me but the ladies of The Talk have always been funny, fun, and relatable, largely due to the dynamic of the ladies and their chemistry. I have to say, Holly Robinson Peete and Leah Remini are hilarious and were clearly my stand out favorites.

When I heard they were not asked back for the second season I was completely upset and waged a Twitter war with CBS. For some reason they didn't listen to me and change their ways. Go figure. Anyway, I knew from the core of my being that this was a huge mistake. I was not the only one to feel this way. I follow Leah and Holly on Twitter and they retwitted many, many tweets of support and vows of no longer watching the show. Well they decided to add Molly Shannon and Sheryl Underwood. Really? They think Sheryl and Molly are a better fit then Leah and Holly. Really?

The show has become very uncomfortable for me to watch now. I'm not liking this change. CBS you should have listened to me and brought Leah and Holly back. Shame on you.

I heard that Julie Chen got all diva and didn't get along with Holly and Leah. She may have been threatened by their popularity, I don't know. Well, because of who Julie is married too the edict was handed down and Holly and Leah were unceremoniously given the boot. Talk about job security.

I wasn't too sure of these allegations until I watched the show dedicated to 9/11. The ladies were all sitting around the table giving their take on their 9/11 experience but when it came to Julie, she had a whole black and white vinyet taped with music and the whole nine yards. I remember looking at the show waiting for the other ladies to get their chance in the spotlight and tell their tale but it never came. Just Julie.

Hmmmm, there just might be something to this whole allegation of Julie being a controlling diva.

It's weird that she took over when the whole idea was Sarah Gilbert's. She's the executive producer for goodness sakes but it's become the Julie Chen and the Ladies show. I might just have to stop watching myself.

6 People saying stuff:

Anonymous said...

I'm done with the show. I agree wholeheartedly that firing Holly and Leah was a bad move.

EJ said...

So bummed!!!! This was my favorite show and now I refuse to watch it. I want Julie Chen off Big Brother too. She sucks. Holly & Leah would be great hosts for Big Brother. They would also do well with their own talk show titled, Leah & Holly Backtalk! haha

Tonya said...

now you are making me want to watch. when is it on?

Queen-Size funny bone said...

i stopped watching because it no longer flows. I don't enjoy the new ones.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I'm at work so I don't watch the shows during the day but I sure hate how politics changes the way people work in a hurry. Hope that they both can find their niche on another network.

CC said...

I never really watched but I'm not a big Julie Chen fan. She's is so boring as the host of Big Brother (which I also stopped watching). I hate the whole diva thing. Well, when their ratings go down, they'll learn. On to the Anderson Cooper talk show now!