Monday, December 17, 2007

Learn Grammar and Spell Check

I, like many of you, read a lot of blogs on any given day. I prefer to read more personal and humorous blogs as oppose to blogs that are more sports or political in nature. It’s just my flavor. As I peruse these blogs I will stumble on a new blog for the first time and I am awe struck at the number of post authors that have absolutely no idea what grammar is. I mean you are reading along and all of a sudden BAM! You are stopped by a word form that you KNOW should not be there. (Ex: “She said we was going too.”) You furrow your brow, scratch your head and ask yourself, “What the hell were you trying to say?” LOL Then I get mad because you have now stopped my flow of reading and I have to regain momentum after I figured out what in the world you were trying to say. LOL

I often find myself correcting this grammar as I read. I substitute the correct word form or misspellings. I can’t help myself. I can’t stand seeing poor grammar and missing or misspelled words. It’s crazy.

Do you find yourself correcting grammar and spelling as you read along? I just think a little proofreading would go along way. I’m just saying.

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shorty said...

Yes, I'm guilty from time to time of not catching my own mistakes though I try. It's hard as the writer to always proofread your own writing, as you will always see what you think you wrote.

It annoys me too though.

Ebonne said...


I have a bad habit of just typing away and pushing post... and then going back and reading it later and thinking this makes absolutely no sense and switching some things around. I obviously cant type as fast as I think and trying to get it all out, sometimes doesnt come out the right way... So I am guilty... lol

dmarks said...

Not only that, I sometimes correct spellings in the quoted sentence(s) if I quote a particular part of a post as part of my comment.

ANO said...

I should probably do a spell check more often. If I notice a mistake though I will go back and edit the post!

magnoliapeach said...

I speed read, which basically means I get the jist of what people are saying and keep it moving. However I make mistakes sometimes and just figure people know what I meant to say.

Karen said...

I normally catch my mistakes after I have posted too. I try to remember we are all human. But some people just make no sense at all. That is frustrating.

minijonb said...

i do correct the grammar in my head, but i make so many typos i know how these things slip through.

Anonymous said...

Too funny and true.

abbagirl74 said...

I tend to type like I am talking sometimes. Oh well. It adds a little flavor once in awhile. :)

tAnYeTTa said...

My gramma iz purfic. Eye don't sea nuffin wrong wiff my rightin skillz.


My favorite one: YOUR the best. That makes my eyes bleed.

For the most part, I know we are all human and we always make grammar errors. I know I am guilty for making HUGE mistakes all day everyday. You've read my blog. Doesn't it make your eyes bleed? The !!!!!!! abuse and the run on sentences are just so painful to read. You don't come for the writing anyway, you just come to see Mr. DJ:)!

The entire English language is HORRIBLE by some standards.

So, with that said, I just painfully read through the typos especially if they're one of my favorite blogs.

MysTery said...

Stop talking about me! lol, jk.

Ms. Behaving said...

Uh oh...I've been made LOL.

Stepping Over the Junk said...

reminds me of the Junie B Books. I wont let my kids read them because the grammar is bad on purpose. stupid.

Mizrepresent said...

I know i make mistakes...God forbid...but you have just reminded me again how important it is to review before posting lady!

Noe said...

i type the way i talk/think.
then i read it.
then the only one who understands what i'm trying to say it's me.
because i'm doing it like I do it in my mind... my every day life.
I dont care that much for capitals, 's or some strange words that noone gets them correctly, but there is a difference between theirs, there's, they're, there are and so on... it bugs me when they start talking in one verb tense (like past) and they go on talking in present.
may be because English is not my 1st language... and I just read English (written) blogs.

dmarks said...

What about the people who complain about "Grammer"? Yes, the ones who spell it that way?

Every time that happens, I want to send Dr Frasier Crane over to whup their a**.

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

ooops. I do try to proff reaad but sometimes im jsut two dam lasy! ;P

Jeni said...

I think we all tend to hate to see grammar and spelling errors mainly though when they happen over and over. A blip here and there doesn't really send me over the edge because we all make mistakes from time to time. But some who constantly write with no heed to the grammar, to the spelling etc., now that does drive me bonkers. (Especially if it is someone who is professing to be a bit of a know-it-all.)

charmcitygirl said...

If I am pressed for time (almost always) I will sometimes neglect to spellcheck, but I know what you mean. Obviously, you don't read the Baltimore Sun. I want to scream almost every time I attempt to read it. I have been tempted several times to edit it in red and send it back to them, but so far can not be bothered.

Anonymous said...

I do run spell check but fuck up my pluralisations etc. And I think I spelled that wrong LMAO.

BUT I don know the difference between they're(they are) their(belonging to them) and your and you're(you are) etc.

Those typos irritate me as well, but not too much because I am an atrocious typer and tend to do what EBONNE does.

Annnnyhoo. <----- I do that alot too LOL because in my head I am saying it that way, kwim jellybean?

SSC said...

Diva- Do you have a hard time follwoing my blog? Seriously I suck at writing. I know what you mean and I skip to the next blog when that happens.

The Ambiguous Blob said...

I believe that spelling and grammar are optional on blogs.
However, since you brought it up... I'm not trying to be an a-hole here: just pointing something out.
Your tagline at the top of your blog reads:

Living Life in all it's splender.

to be correct, it should read:

Living life in all its splendor.

it's = it is.
its = posessive of it.

and splendor is spelled with "or" at the end.

okay, don't hate me... please?