Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Diva's Thoughts Sexiest Women of 2008

Finally, I've tabulated all of the votes and here is what you all had to say.

The sexiest women of 2008! Just as with the men I will not add any commentary because these women are all gorgeous and sexy and deserve their places on this list. Without further ado, here is the list:


Victoria Beckam

Jessica Biel

Sanaa Latham

Halle Berry

Charlize Theron

Aishwarya Rai

Jessica Alba

Megan Fox

And the Sexiest woman of 2008!!!

Angelina Jolie!

HONORABLE MENTION! This next women makes Honorable Mention because she has a great campaign manager who also seems to have a thing for coffee. LOL


26 People saying stuff:

Slick said... baby Alba didn't get NO respect!!

Let her know i still love her, ok? ;)

lisaq said...

Anyone else not at all surprised by #1? :D

(vixenchick) said...

I'm so glad angelina got number 1! I have the biggest crush on her!

Days like These! said...

I agree with the list!

I love the coffee addicted mom photo too! ;)

moooooog35 said...

My monitor is a total mess now.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Gorgeous women... I know at one time I looked that good (one time in another dimension)... not getting the joe reference am I being daft? (but his blog was funny, I lurked it).

Craze said...

Great list!

So@24 said...

Jessica Biel told me I was "cute" once when I served her a slice of chocolate cake.

I'm not kidding.

Lady~Daydreamer said...

Great list! And yes....Angelina is a bad chick!

Moe Wanchuk said...

I heard that most Really Hot Women are attracted to guys that are about 5'11" , 190 lbs....still live for college, love to lay around, hate to work and shave their head....right?

Freckle Face Girl said...

Great list! - Happy Thanksgiving!

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

All I know is those shoes that Victoria have on in that picture are fierce.

And the women are beautiful too.

Trixie said...

Glad Angelina got number one....and wonderful honourable mention of SSC...she's definitely a babe!

dmarks said...

#10,#7,#4, and #2 I'd never even seen the names of before. #9 I'd heard of, but I cannot ordinarilly tell which Spice Girl is which. I love these lists to tell me how out of it I am. The others I knew, but if you had swapped some other generic blonde for Charlize, I probably would not have known the difference

Brothers Blog said...

YAY! MY sanaa made it.

CC said...

I concur with all except with the emaciated Victoria Beckham.
And I'll concur with Sennaa Latham because I'm told I favor her, yeah confidence booster!

Ann(ie) said...

Me, too. All are gorgeous, but Vicotoria Beckham needs to eat a big plate of brownies. And a pie.

Sandi McBride said...

Ah gee whiz, now you all know that Jessica outshines all just really wanted to vote for Brad, didn't you? Well, didn't YOU???
Hope your Thanksgiving was the dishiest!
the word verification is weird is that?

Renaissance Woman said...

Love the list...a little sad that Angelina got number 1...but not surprised.

Cherish said...

i guess i can agree with this list. although i wouldnt put sanaa in the top 10. shes a very pretty girl just not top 10 to me

minijonb said...

all are very sexy, except for posh spice. i never understood the victoria beckham appeal.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

8,9, & 5 - how

and i put up a short story, let me know what u think pls Bike Lady (10.8.08)

Prunella Jones said...

Great list. I love Posh in all her orange plastic glory.

lailani said...

I just wonder how high maintenance those ladies are. Gorgeous, but are they worth the effort?

TravelDiva said...

This is a pretty good list too. Victoria Beckham is the only one I'd boot off of the list. Sure, she's got a great "I'm fabulous, You want to be me" attitude, but that doesn't make her sexy to me.

Princess Extraordinaire said...

Now where am I?? LOl