Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I Was in The ATL Baby!

As I mentioned on Twitter the other day, I have a story for you today! So, I went to Atlanta this weekend past to get the lay of the land and find a really nice apartment so that when my house sells here in Baltimore I will be ready to make my move to the ATL.

So I arrive at 10:30 Wednesday morning at the Atlanta airport and my girlfriend and her two daughters met me in baggage claim. We all hugged and said our hellos. On a side note can I tell you that I am absolutely in love with her 3 year old daughter! I tried to figure out a way to pack her in my bag and bring her home with me but it didn't work out too well but I digress. As we leave the airport we head toward Marietta to start our apartment search. En route she receives a phone call from her neighbor that her house was being cased by two punks. She immediately hangs up and calls her husband who leaves work and dashes home. We begin to make our way to the house as well and in doing so a flurry of phone calls ensue. She is calling her husband and neighbor and police and anyone else who she could think of. Her neighbor calls back and says that these said punks are making their way out of the house with their TV's. More freaking out ensues. I'm all kinds of freaked out as well but I just sat there quietly with a worried/concerned look on my face as to not add to the drama.

I can not believe this. They had been living in that house for many years incident free and the moment they pick me up from the airport all hell breaks loose. Do I really want to move to ATL? Shucks, this kind of stuff happens all across the country so I decided to not let this deter me. Then I started thinking, 'Damn! I won't have a TV to watch as I go to sleep tonight.' Scoff if you will but I need a TV to fall asleep to. I started thinking, 'Is it too late to go back to the airport and take my ass home?'

We finally make our way home to the house and we survey the damage. Two TVs and a Wii was missing. My friends 18 year old daughter immediately starts to suspect some punks that live behind them as being the culprits. She and her father jump in their car and the police jump in his car and they make their way to the house. The cops search but no luck. They come back home. By this time the 18 year olds boyfriend arrives and so does my girlfriends brother in law. They all decide to jump in their cars and patrol the neighborhood. Somehow they run across some suspicious looking punks and approach them. One of them runs and another of them confesses and offers to take them to where their stuff is. Once at the "location" the little punk breaks and runs. After the police arrive once more (because they had left by this time) they begin to search this vacant house. Lo and behold guess what people. Come on, guess! That's right! They found their stuff! Who does that? Who patrols their neighborhood and retrieves their stolen property?

The police write a new report and releases the property to them and all is right with the world again.

A little later my friend had an acting class event that she had to attend and I tagged along. Once a month her acting coach brings in an industry professional to talk to them and bestow his or her knowledge and wisdom to the masses. This evening they had Tommy Ford! Tommy freakin Ford people. For those of you who do not know he played Tommy on the hit TV show Martin. Here is a picture.

Wow! If all this happened on day one what else do they have planned?!

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JStar said...

You almost felt like you were still in Bmore huh lol...but yea, I agree...Thats a lot to take in...atleast there was some nice things happen in the end...

Just Me said...

Glad all turned out ok. (Your Amazon.com box is blocking some of your text. Sometimes it helps if you move it to the other side.) Thanks for stopping by.

Amber said...

Tommy Ford?

TV show Martin?

Fail on both accounts. :)

Freckle Face Girl said...

Crazy story!

Tommy used to live in Miami (maybe he still does). I saw him at Target one time with his wife & kids. I had an ex-boyfriend that LOVED that show, so I have seen every episode. I spotted him right away & other people noticed him later. :)

Ms Beauty Soul said...

Your arrival in the ATL certainly started off with a bang"! It sounds very eventful! I cannot believe that your friend had her whole family scouring the neighbourhood and they actually found their stuff. That is justice for u!

Jeni said...

Going scouting for thieves brings back memories for me from when some punks stole my ex-husband's car when we were living in Suitland, MD, and that was back in 1972! The ex had an inkling of who had taken the car and he located it -minus the tires - near to where the guy who had sold him the tires in the first place, lived! Cops couldn't do a thing though as "no proof" ya know. Live and learn, huh?
But how cool that your girlfriend managed to retrieve the items that had been taken and fairly quickly too. That's a really good end to a crime story, for sure.

Renaissance Woman said...

Oh Tommy...that is a good day.

laughingattheslut said...

If you get an apartment there, you can give us all directions to your place from the big chicken.

My friends are all going there for Dragon Con next month, but of course I have no money and am staying home.

Our main trip to Atlanta earned us some broken headlights after we did not contribute to some charity begging for money across the corner from the MLK church.

Anonymous said...

Bwahaha! Going to hunt for the thieves and retrieving their own stuff sounds like the type of thing that my crazy family would do. What a way for the "A" to greet you!

FRANK LOVE said...

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