Monday, August 31, 2009

Secret Single Behavior

My favorite TV show of all time is Sex and The City. I love everything SATC. Don't judge me!

Anyway, there was an episode where the girls talked about their Secret Single Behavior. My girl at Broke in the City did a post on this and I thought I would steal her idea and make a post of my own.

Secret Single Behaviors are behaviors you exhibit when you are alone at home but would never want your mate to see. Here are a few of my SSB:

  1. Washing my hair. I know we all wash our hair but I refuse to do it around my s/o unless I absolutely have to.

  2. Painting my toes nails. I hate my feet and would never want my s/o to ever see them. EVER!

  3. I eat Pineapple and cheese sandwiches. I also eat banana sandwiches. Don't judge me!

So what are YOUR secret single behavior you don't want your mate to see?

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Sandi McBride said...

I may wash my hair with the beloved there, but I dry and "fix my do" before I leave the bath! And I absolutely love Pineapple sandwichs (with lettuce not cheese tho...gonna have to try that) and banana sandwiches with mayo? TO DIE FOR! Gee, suppose you were kidnapped from South Carolina????

~nOe~ said...

OMG! I love banana sandwiches with honey and butter! :) I guess we're all weird like that...
I have never heard of anybody who liked banana sandwiches.
You made my day (or afternoon)!!!!

Liam said...

I'm sorry but your secret behaviors are pretty lame. I can't see who would be bothered by those.

Humping the bedroom lamp might qualify. But Pineapple & Cheese sandwiches? Nope sorry not good enough.

Anonymous said...

I HATE having Hubby see me put on lotion (although he'll walk in on me sometimes - I mean, bending over in those positions isn't always the lovliest). And definitely tweezing my eyebrows! I still hide that from him!

FB @ said...

For real? #1 and #2 are pretty tame.

As for banana sandwiches, I LOVE THOSE!! With brown sugar :)

I've now reached a point of where anything is open and free with BF.. seriously.

Except letting him see me do private bathroom stuff like removing the Diva Cup :P

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

1. I eat Jalapeno pepper cheetos with cheese. OMG sooo good! Lol

2. I like to separate my clothes into neat sections (whites, colors, delicates) before I wash them. I'd be so embarrassed to do that in front of my man.

3. Before I go to the salon for a new style, I sleep with my hair all over my head. I don't put a scarf or bonnet over it.

Amber said...

I don't know why, but I cannot stand to have someone else in the bathroom while I brush my teeth. Drives me crazy...if my s/o walks in I will walk out and go elsewhere!

Karen said...

But everyone washes their hair? I don't get that one.

I wouldn't want my mate to see at the gym. I look like death when I work out.

Senorita said...

I love everything SATC as well. I have all the shows as well as the DVD. I just need to visit NYC.

Things I refuse to do in front of a significant other:

-Tweeze my eyebrows
-Wash my hair
-Use the toilet

You know what, I just hate getting ready in front of a man. It takes away from the fantasy. I only want him to see the end result not the process.

I have a bunch of dirty little habits that I will take to the grave though.

CarmenSinCity said...

I love this post!!!! I am thinking of stealing it from you and using it on my blog.

But, let me tell you a few! I burp very loudly! I fart if I need to - although, to be honest, I really don't fart much ever. I think it all comes out in my burps. hehehe

I also eat like a pig. I would never eat that way in front of a guy!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

pretty much anything done in the bathroom requires complete solitaire confinement.

moooooog35 said...


I'll masturbate to pretty much anything.

Hell...I'm doing it now.



You don't have to be single to comment on this, right?

Terri said...

pineapple and cheese sandwiches? that's quite the unusual combination my dear!

And I hate to tell you this but at some time your s/o would have to see your feet, like going to the beach together? showering together? watching tv while he rubs your legs/feet? right?

The Dish said...

After co-habitating for 11 years, anything goes. There are no closed doors at our place. Kinda gross, I know.

L said...

Oh no pineapple and cheese does not sound appealing in the least. The washing the hair thing is different. It's great when you have someone do it for you ;oP

shorty said...


lisaq said...

Hmmm I don't think I have any. Leave it to me to be different. Heehee...

Debbie said...

Pineapple and cream cheese? Because that suddenly sounds very good.

Freckle Face Girl said...

I don't like people watching me put my makeup on. It is silly because I only wear a little eye make-up (eye liner, mascara, eye shadow).