Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Boobie Trap

Hey all. I stole that term from a fellow blogger "Naked With Socks On". I find it very appropriate for this discussion.

Ladies, I know we've all fallen victim to catching a man taking a "peek" at our "girls". You know, our breasts. When caught most guys will chuckle and look away embarrassed and apologize. Some will act indignant as thought they were well within their rights to stare, blatantly, at our girls.

Sometimes we women will act all upset and disrespected when we catch these men staring at us but my question to you ladies is this, are you REALLY upset when you find a man staring at your breasts? I'll admit that there are times when this is inappropriate and will make us feel very uncomfortable, say at a business meeting. But aside for those obvious situations how do you really feel when you catch a guy staring at the girls? When you are at the grocery store, or walking down the street, or at the night club, or grabbing lunch with your girlfriends, anything, and you see a guy staring, how do you really feel?

Most of the time I really don't care. Guys will look and there is nothing we can do about that. As long as he is not being all creepy about it and making lewd comments I could care less. One of my close besties says she gets very uncomfortable no matter what the situation is when a man stares at her girls.

What really gets me though are women that wear these tight blouses and very low cut shirts and wonders, "Why is he staring at me?"

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JStar said...

Oh sooo true@ your last line. I couldnt agree with you more.

When I was younger I was a D cup (Got to a c after kids yay :) so I used to get so annoyed in school. but guys are guys. I would prefer to be looked at in the eyes because my eyes are beautiful but rarely get noticed. It does make me feel like a sex object. But hey, sometimes thats a good thing. But if an old creepy looking guy was staring I would feel grossed out...But if he happened to be attractive...Mmmnn I wouldnt complain LOL

Karen said...

What is the difference if they notice your face, your legs, your ass or your boobs? They are all part of you?

It is a compliment when men notice your body. Even if they are creepy about it.

Moooooog35 said...

You had me at 'boobie.'

Second word. Nice play.

Red Shoes said...

Meh... you know what they say about us guys... 'we see one set of boobs, we wanna see them all!!' ;o)

I'm with Jstar however, the eyes are sexy... eyes are the so called windows to the soul...

( * )( * )

Get your mind out of the gutter! Those are my eyes!!! :oD


Queen-Size funny bone said...

i have a few gay friends that always compliment my breasts.

khaki la'docker said...

eh, it doesnt bother me if its just a glance but if i catch a dude with jaws dropped and just staring, i'd be pretty offended.

Spoken from a DD cup :)