Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Giveaways and Prizes and All That Stuff

I want to first congratulate Queen Size Funny Bone for winning the My Boys DVD giveaway!! Congrats Missy!!!

Now, Guess what? I have another giveaway! That's right my pumpkins, I have a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card for the lucky winner!!!! How cool is that?

All you have to do is write in my comments just how badly you want this card. Be creative. How badly do you want a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card?

The most creative and zany comment wins!!

Contest ends on Thursday, September 9th at 6:00 pm.

Alright my lovelies, get to commenting!

Love you long time.

12 People saying stuff:

jskell911 said...

I am unemployed (read no money to buy new books) and going crazy with lack of reading material. Please stop me from reading cereal boxes and the (gasp) ingredient lists of the items in my house!!!

B said...

There are two new books out that I need. I have to be able to keep up with the book version of America's favorite serial killer, Dexter! Plus there's a new Tempe Brennan (Bones) book out too. All these new books and not enough $$ to go around!

Karen said...

I want it so I can buy the My Boys DVDs that I didn't win!

Red Shoes said...

LMAO @ Karen...

I vote for her!


ps: word verification trupsawm

Just telling it like it is said...

Well I want it so badly that I would strip naked and run down the street with mustard on my boobs, mayo in my hair and hot dog/bun in the crack of my butt!...I would use ketchup in my snatch but I think that might disturb someone. I could claim I just had a hot dog stand blow up in my garage...

sincerelykate said...

i have a sick addiction with books. this disease has eaten me out of house and home. so far this year i've read 106 books. 106! you can check my goodreads for proof. and this is evidence that i will shortly be filing bankruptcy because of this reading illness of mine. i need a 12 step program.

DG said...

I want it so badly that I'd wear glitter all over me to work and do 1000 pushups and even cut icecream from my nightly dessert routine for a month. I'll give up being team jacob and become a team edward member. Listen, I just want to get the hunger games trilogy - pretty pretty badly :)


shorty said...

I've never been in a B & N, so I'd really just like to check it out!

I hear that they read stories to children there and even have a coffee shop....what else am I missing?

tanyetta said...

I want it so badly that I will use the ENTIRE card to buy something for MYSELF! Yup, Yup :)

Jeni said...

Not only do I want to win this Barnes & Noble prize but baby, I really do need it too. Christmas is coming and the only folks getting fat around my location are the doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, gas stations too -all who are benefiting from my many needed doctor visits, chemo treatments, drugs, gas to power the car -all of this leaving me pretty busted as I think of Christmas gifts for my kids and grandkids and is there a better gift for anyone other than a book, ya know! So, please, please, please -Karma, bring me some luck here, will ya -PLEASE!!!

~nOe~ said...

The B&N gift card is useful for several reasons: you can buy not only a book at the store, but you can get a bunch of other goodies.
Imagine... you need postcards! Check!
You need pens!... Check!
You want some chocolate mint chocolate! Check.
You can even use the card to buy ebooks or books on the website.
So... Even if you don't want to go to the store, you stay at home, with your homemade coffee and you can order a good book. :)
I don't want the card coz I would buy 'Russell the sheep' AND 'Curious George bakes a cake'.
But I think it would love the card to get me some nice Starbucks coffee once I'm done with my diet, IF the card didn't expire. :)

JSin said...

The giveaway idea is great. I tried doing one on my blog but I wasn't very successful. Would you happen to have any suggestions?

Besides that I just want you to know that I really like your blog and will definitely be stopping by often.

Feel free to check my blog out too. Thanks.