Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It's getting hot in here.

I really love my job and the people I work with. I have not had that in a work environment in a very long time. With that said my boss is a really cool person. We get along with no problems.

However, my boss’s personal life is a complete mess. She is cheating on her husband and we all know it. I think her affair has been going on for about a year now. Well, suffice to say that I think her husband has gotten wind of said affair.

We were all seated at our desks, minding our own businesses when all of a sudden my boss screeches at me, “DIVA!!! Please do me a favor. Run to the front desk and grab Greg and take him to the all purpose room really fast! Tell him I’ll be there in a minute. I got caught up in a last minute meeting.”

Me: “Ok. Why are you so frazzled? Everything ok?”

Boss: “Yes but Richard is on his way up and I can’t have them two meet!!!!”

Richard is her husband and Greg is her stiff one on the side. I run out to the lobby to grab Greg. As I do the elevator door opens and Richard steps out. Oh my goodness! I’ve met Richard before so I simply say, “Hi Richard. Long time no see. How are you?”

Richard: “I’m just hunky dory. How are you these days?”

Me: “Fantastic.”

Richard: “Good to hear it.”

Me. “Alright. Take care.”

I usher Greg out of the lobby as fast as I can before Richard could have a chance to mention my boss. I take Greg to the All Purpose room, have him sit down, turn on the TV and close the door as I leave. I get back to my desk just as Richard and my boss are leaving from her office. She doubles back and tells me, “Wait about 10 minutes and tell Greg to…” Just as she was giving me her directive, Greg walks out of the room and over to us and says, “Tell Greg what?”

Ok now I am shitting bricks. I am looking really dazed and confused right now. I’m wondering how she is going to get herself out of this mess. I surely wasn’t going to offer any assistance.

Boss: “I was just going to tell her to tell you that I was going to be right in in just a few moments.”

Greg: “Oh cool. How are you?” He then kisses her on the cheek.

Boss: “Really good honey…just crazy busy.” Just then Richard comes over to her, “Hey, I looked back and noticed you weren’t behind me. Uhhh…what’s going on here?”

Now I’m looking back and forth at all three of them wondering what she is going to do. I need to go back to my desk but for some reason my legs will not move.

Boss: “I had to speak to this gentleman for a minute. Meet me at the elevators in the lobby.”

Richard: “Ok but what is the kiss on the cheek about?”

Greg: Looking directly at my boss, “Who is this?”

Richard: “Who am I? Who are YOU?”

Aaaaawww shit now!!! It’s about to get crazy around here. I still can’t move.

Boss: “Let’s go to the conference room down the hall and talk about it.”

Richard: “You damn right we’ll talk about it.”

All three of them proceed to the conference room and all you can hear is a lot of shouting and screaming and furniture moving. Richard flings open the door and rushes out, gets to the elevator and leaves in a huff. Greg walks out in a huff about 5 minutes later. My boss comes back to her desk, gathers her keys and purse and leaves for the rest of the day. She’s off today as well.


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Anonymous said...

Wow. Not that I'm advocating stepping out or anything, but what is wrong with Boss? You never let your worlds collide! No ring? No sense to keep both away from the place of employment. Now not only is her marriage threatned but possibly her career. As for respect from peers and subordinates...
Sometimes you get caught in the tangled web you weave.

Bklyn's Finest said...

AWH SHYT!!!!!! girl.. I can't wait for you to give an UPDATE..

sounds like SOMEBODY got caught with they ass out!!!

WOW.. never at your place of business NEVER NEVER NEVER

Noe said...

OMG!!! keep us updated when you know something else! :)

magnoliapeach said...

You never play where you eat! And then when you incorporate your employees to help you in your scheme you are off your A game for real.
I'm with BK, can't wait for the update!

CarmenSinCity said...

Oh yeah, this is a good story - better than Days of Our Lives. Keep us updated. I love this shyt!

Avin said...

Oh man this is like Y&R! LOL I cant wait for the update.

DurtyMo said...

Jesus build a fence cuz somebody bout to get knocked da fugg out! LOL! Nothing like this EVER happens at my job! Dang!

Jenny! said...

Thats some fun ass work drama!

Ms. Behaving said...


This should be interesting!!!! Can't wait to get the goods on what went down.

That's just crazy!!!!

Shai said...

Dang, I thought I was reading a scene to a day-time soap. LOL. She crossed the line using you for non-work related duties. I mean her love life ain't for you to intercede. LOL.

I am with MP on the playing where you eat and I want to know an update too. LOL.

dmarks said...

That's a rather extreme bit of drama there!

tAnYeTTa said...

I'm going to pop some corn for the cliffhanger. Goodness Gray-Shussss!

Be sure to ask for some time off for that too. She had you working way too hard for FREE. LOL

KIKI said...

Shit, she probably ain't at work cause she lookin for somewhere to live. Had she been married to the brothers I know, her shit woulda been on the front lawn when she got home.

Can I have your job? Nothin like this ever happens at mine! LOL!

SSC said...

Cheaters never prosper!!!! Sorry couldn’t resist. I don’t like your boss for putting you in the middle that must have been stressful for you. Make sure to document this so should you say,..need this for a rainy day you have it.

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Okay, my bloglines tells me I have 36 posts to read, so I'm skim reading a lot of them. BUT NOT THIS ONE!!!!!!


What a day you had. What a BIGGER day your boss had! Serves her right.

Monique said...

OMFG AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to hear what happens next!

*~*Cece*~* said...

Wow, you tell a good story!

Sizzle said...


cheaters always get what is coming to them. and they don't usually win in the end. no one does. that's the saddest part. you'd think for all that effort, someone could win something.

lisa q. said...

whoa! big drama! she shouldn't be bringing that crap to the office!

Catherinette Singleton said...

That has to be one of the best freaking stories in the history of all man kind!! If only I had been there to witness it with my own eyes.

Freckle Face Girl said...

You can't even feel the drama of that moment in a movie!!! It certainly makes the work place more interesting to say the least.

Ann said...

Wow, nothing exciting like that ever happens where I work. Please let us know how it turns out. I have a bit of a twist on what MP said, I've always heard it as don't shit where you eat. Even dogs know that. Glad she got caught, I just hope there aren't any kids involved.
By the way, I found you from the comments on the "days like these" blog, I hope you don't mind.

Honey-Libra said...


Man on man doesn't she know that she should have never slept with someone she worked with then again someone that her husband could run into WOW...and on top of that for it all to play out at work during work on man

Queen of Dysfunction said...

Wow. How is it that it's your responsibility to sort out this mess?

Ugh, I feel for you. Getting stuck in the middle like that.

not fainthearted said...


Are you saying "Greg" didn't know she was married, either??

It's amazing how many stupid people can succeed in the workplace, ain't it?

Terri said...

wow! now that's what I call workplace drama!

MysTery said...

Dannnnnnnnnngggggggggggggg! That's why u don't cheat!!