Saturday, May 30, 2009

Me And My Hair-Brain Schemes

I’m going to reveal something here to you that you may not know about me. I was reluctant to reveal this because I didn’t want to ruin the perfect, goddess, diva image you have of me but it’s time I come clean. I dye my hair! I know…I know…..! It’s shocking but since we are all one big dysfuntional family I can share that.

One day early last week it was time to touch up my dye job because the gray was taking over (Damn gray hair!). Anyway, a few days after I purchased the dye kit I decide to actually open the box and dye my hair. You can imagine my horror when I realized that the Step 1 bottle (the activator) was missing! NOOOOOOO!

I combed through the entire house looking for the receipt so that I could take this useless piece of shit dye kit back to the store. You will not believe this but that receipt was no where to be found! I know right!

What am I to do? It was then that I got the bright idea to go to a different store and purchase a new dye kit and just return the useless kit back to this latest store for a refund. Brilliant right?

Follow me here because this gets tricky…..I put the “old” kit in the plastic store bag and threw the new kit way (box included) after I used it. I took the "new" receipt and the old box back to the store for my refund. The clerk scans the box. Wait a minute. He is scanning the BOX? I thought he only needed the receipt. He scanned it once, then scanned it again then looked at me and said “The system said this is an invalid box?” Huh? I did what any self respecting scammer would do I simply asked him, “Are you sure?” and batted my eyes for effect. He assured me I was getting no money this day. Drats!

“Hmmmm…maybe the boxes got switched.” I said as I gathered my contraband and walked out with my head held down. If I was smart I would have put the old kit in the new box and taken that to the store. Me and my hair-brain schemes.

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shorty said...


No pun intended either I assume.

I just got my hair done yesterday, I actually pay for that shit, way more than I should. I told him to go edgy. Ha. Now I look like a freaky kid trying to "find" myself.

Great story.

Did you insinuate I'm disfunctional?


The Dish said...

That it too funny! I would have just taken it back without the receipt. And if they gave me a hard time about it I would have shown my ass until i got my way. Yeah, I am a bitch that way!

CC said...

I think your last idea would have worked. Not too late to try that is it? At a third store of course!

imbeingheldhostage said...

That really stinks. I think if you write the company, you may just get a new kit or a coupon to purchase one. Doesn't hurt to try.

And thanks for being the guinea pig-- I always wondered if that would work for electronics I bought but didn't open before the return time was up (you know, for gifts). I WON'T be trying it now.

Jeni said...

The scanning of the kit and the fact it came up as invalid makes sense -after all, there are people who do switcheroos like that as a means of gaining a little extra income. Had you put the old product back into the new box and returned it, with the receipt, to the store where you had actually made the purchase of that second kit probably would have gone through fine and dandy. But now, I do believe if you either find an e-mail address -or write a snail mail to the corporation, odds are in your favor that they will issue you a coupon or something along those lines, for a replacement product and possibly even a little more too. Most reputable companies want to keep as many of their customers as possible happy and also, realize that packaging errors can and do occasionally happen as well.
As to the actual reason for purchasing this stuff, I have never colored my hair since it started adding a few grey strands in here and there -a few more these days that in days of your but that's okay, I really don't mind. My theory is that years ago, I used to pay -occasionally - to have my hair frosted and now, I'm getting it frosted for free, compliments of Mother Nature. Why pay for a dye job then? Yes, I am cheap, very cheap at times, as you have probably now surmised but most of the time it is not so much being cheap as is is not having adequate funds to begin with.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Nice try. Glad he didn't call the police. lol

Mike said...

Yeah but you dyed your hair still?

Tanyetta said...

funny as hell!!!!!!! thank you for the best laugh of the day :)

Trixie said...

That'll learn ya!!!!

Rachel said...


It was a great idea in theory!

B said...

You better stick to your day job. I don't see you being able to scam anyone out of millions anytime soon lol

LiLu said...

You could always go back... just make sure you get a different clerk!

The Ambiguous Blob said...

Oopsie. Well, you just need some activator from the beauty supply for your partial kit now. For next time your grays start showing up, that is.
I stopped dying my own hair after the 2nd time I turned it bright green.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I have tried something similar. It didn't turn out well either! I really hate when that happens!

Kharma will one day attack the errant dye company.....I just know it!

Hit 40 said...

For heavens sake...

Go through the trash and find the other box. Go back with a new clerk!!

I would do it!!!

Or - the Dish has a good idea. I do this kinda stuff all the time. I get so mad when I buy junk that is not right!!! I just want my $$$ back.

moooooog35 said...

Why dye it when you can just shave it like normal people.

Guys like it better anyway.


Were you not talking about pubes?


Del-V said...

I tried that (scam) before with a scratched DVD at Target. Target won't return opened DVDs and DCs.

Just thought I would share.

brookem said...

ugh, that's annoying! sometimes they even take loot back, sans the receipt though. i mean, it's not like someone would try and scam the store, trying to just steal the first step of the stuff, right?

n0days0ff said...

Haha that's what ur ass get.u over there trying to get over,lol I don't blame you .