Monday, May 11, 2009

Things Women Don't Understand About Men

Men and women have been trying since the beginning of time to figure each other out. Our wants and needs are so different. For example: he wants to go to bar with the guys but she wants to have cuddle time on the sofa. If he does go to the bar then he doesn’t love her. He doesn’t call her after they have sex because he doesn’t want to be perceived as clingy but she thinks he doesn’t like her and will never call again. He wants to sit on the sofa and watch the game on Sunday afternoon but she wants to go out to a movie and don't understand why he can't give up the game just this once.

It can be quite confusing and frustrating to say the least trying to decipher all these mixed messages. There are things that I as a woman just don’t understand about men. Here’s my list of issues I just don’t understand.

1. Why do you need to spit on the ground? That’s nasty and a turn off and it’s crude. Spit in a napkin if necessary.

2. Why do you try to sleep with a woman 1.5 hours after meeting her?

3. Why do you keep calling me wanting to come over my house but we’ve never been on a date. What ever happened to dating guys?

4. We’ve gone on one date and you are already asking me when I am going to spend the night at your house.

5. Why do you guys act really interested in a woman then do an abrupt about face and cease all contact immediately with out any explanation or warning? We’re sitting there wondering what the hell just happened.

6. Why are you with a woman for 8 years and never have any intention on marrying her but you stick with her anyway?

7. Why do you think lying about any sticky situation is the right way to go?

8. Why would you cheat with my sister or best friend just because she offered?

9. Why are you 40 years old and live with your parents and do not own a car?

10. Why would you think calling me after we had sex would make you look clingy or desperate?

11. Why if everything seems great between us you still run for the hills with no explanation?

12. Why if I hadn’t spoken to you in months or years you pull my number out of your ass and text me for no reason?

13. Why do you come back then leave again then come back then leave again the come back….? What is that?

Feel free to add your own quandary in the comments.

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Ann(ie) said...

oh yeah. Dating hasn't changed much in the 8 years I've been in a relationship. It's all about the hook up and um, number 9 cracks me the hell up. amen sistah!!!

moooooog35 said...


FB @ said...

That pretty much covers it :)

Jeni said...

I sure as hell have no explanations to offer since I think, in my years on the planet, I've experienced all except Number 9! However, I think it really odd that I had a dream this morning where some guy I knew (but I can't now figure out who it was from my real life) was propositioning me and my answers were almost all given to him in the questions you posed here. Apparently my subconscious and your conscious were running on the same track then.

The Ambiguous Blob said...

I do so much of this, which is why my friends always say that I date like a man. I'm not very sure I want to share my "why's" though. I sort of feel like it will blow our cover.

Anonymous said...

As a guy I will Try and answer the questions as honestly as possible.
1. Its easier
2. Most of us would sleep with you 5 minutes after meeting
3. This is just being cheap on the guys part
4. Sorry its in our DNA.
5. Two way street that one. Just move on
6. Goes both ways that one. Why would you stay that long.
7. Probably telling the truth is worse.
8. Sorry to say but most (note I said most) would because its sex and really we think too much with the wrong head.
9. This one is a loser or mamas boy. Run quickly away.
10. Probably got that from some past conquest when he did call.
11. Commitment is a scary word.
12. Let's just say he's H---y
13. Booty call???

Don't flame me but thats how some guys(notice I said some think)
Great blog by the way

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I have too many questions to bother listing.

Hit 40 said...

Wow... Anonymous about summed it up! I can't disagree with what he wrote.

We just have a had time understanding that sex is really about all that is on their mind.

Sorry you needed to vent.

It was a nice rant :-)

Anonymous said...

and they think we're so hard to understand. yeah right.

lisaq said...

So many good questions and yet I have no good answers. Sad.

Sandi McBride said...

Yeah, and the pull my finger joke is getting old, too...

(vixenchick) said...

why don't you put the toilet seat down?

some men just suck for absolutely no reason.



CarmenSinCity said...

Those were good and I could relate with every single one of them.

Season said...

Great list of questions and great blog by the way! I don't think we will ever know the answers or the answers that we want to hear. Men are just crazy!

LiLu said...

"8. Why would you cheat with my sister or best friend just because she offered?"

Whoa, chica... why are they offering??

But YES, we are most definitely different creatures. They're dumb. We're crazy. And sometimes, magically, we manage to meet in the middle. :-)

shorty said...

why do you think farting is funny...all the time?

I'm sure I have more....I know I do....I'll have to get back to this when I'm in the man bashing mood.

Renaissance Woman said...

I love this list. And I hate to share what it shocking information...but I think it must be said. I have dated men and women and you know what...they both do the same things on your list. Ouch! Who would have thought.

Tonya said...

my list is way different since I have been married 9 + years.

Cynthia said...

Great questions, do me a favor and come over to and click on the ask CJ section...this was created for women like us to understand men better.

JosMae said...

In a relationship, all you can give is love and understand your partner if you truly love him/her. However, when things go wrong and won't work after sitting down and talking about it then it's time for you to move on. A relationship is a give and take.

~~ True love of Philippine women ~~