Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gotta Love When The Crazy Shows Up! - Day 21

I was reading a post on Diary of a Mad Woman’s Blog in which she had a guest post from a fellow blogger and she was talking about her online dating experience. After reading this I had to chuckle to myself thinking back on all the crazy online dating experiences I’ve had, many of which have been chronicled here. One of her experiences prompted me to write this here post.

I’ve been on many dates from online dating services. Most of them have been cool while others have been….well let’s just say I was lucky to escape with my own skin and not have him wearing it as a coat. Does this one ring a bell to anyone ? Uuummm, Yeah.

She dodged a bullet so to speak with one guy who turned out to be psychotic and I couldn’t help just reminisce on my own good fortune.

Several years ago I saw the profile of this guy who was rather attractive. Dude was all kinds of fine so of course I had to send him a note. He responded and it was game on. We corresponded via online messages for awhile then it progressed to phone calls.

We clicked like peanut butter and jelly. I just knew I had found my match. We had so much in common that I was left speechless most of the time. It was all good until his crazy started showing up.

He started telling me that he really didn’t have a job as I was led to believe. OK, so you are unemployed? Interesting. Then he started telling me about how the government was behind the creation of AIDS and had no intention of ever finding a cure. I also found out that the feds were stalking him unfairly because they were certain he was guilty of certain crimes that he is of course innocent of. He then felt the need for a change of scenery and was compelled by some force stronger then he to board a bus and go to Colorado to live. He had no friends or family there, no place to live or a job lined up. Sounds like a solid decision to me.

Oh yeah, the crazy had showed up in full force. Needless to say we somehow lost contact shortly after that.

Tomorrow's post: Have You Outgrown Your Friends?

8 People saying stuff:

JStar said...

LOL...At least he admitted these things...before you found out on your own ha ha...This is why I NEVER online date....Never even chat with strangers to those regards

JStar said...

btw...I LOVE your new looks

Tonya said...

crazy is always fun!

Debbie said...

Oh wow. I'm glad the crazy showed up before you got more invested in the relationship.

Freckle Face Girl said...

That is one that I would have encouraged to move somewhere where crazy is normal like northern idaho. ;) I guess I have been lucky with online dating although I have only gone out with 5 of them. They were all ok. The worst one was just too anal for me.

Noelle said...

Well when the feds are after you Colorado is the place to go, right? Lucky for you he went ;-)

Elizabeth @ Table for Five said...

Yikes! Scary to think that he might have found his "perfect match" on that dating site!

Anna said...

Holy crap you be careful girl, this is kind of scary. Anna :)