Thursday, November 4, 2010

When Did You Realize You Were Old? - Day 15

OK So I am half way through my blog marathon!!! Woo hoo!!

I have always thought of myself as a young person. As a matter of fact I kinda snicker a little when I refer to myself as a woman. *Snicker* See, I just did it again.

So as you can imagine it is a little jarring when reality comes around and smacks me upside my head.

Case in point, I was working in the leasing office of an apartment complex. I worked with a couple of really young girls in their twenties.

One of these young girls was having man problems and was talking to me about it. I was giving her advice from my vast years of experience when afterward she says to me, "It's always nice to get advice from older women." I had to do a double take. I felt I got gut punched. That was the first time anyone has ever referred to me as an "older woman". Oy vey!

At my current job there is a 35 year old girl running around here yelling "Hi Miss Tee" every time she sees me. Miss Tee this and Miss Tee that.

Then if that wasn't bad enough, the other week I got my very own invitation to join AARP in the mail! I shit you not!

I guess I am just a broken hip away from that rocking chair after all. Can someone bring me my Geritol? Do people still take that? Geesh this is getting worse by the minute.

Stay tunned for tomorrow's post!

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Karen said...

I am trying to do the blog marathon in the month of November. I accidentally posted 2 yesterday instead of setting it up for today. It will just have to count!

So, I am 36 and I am still a big kid. I think I will always be. I am never growing up.

Freckle Face Girl said...

I feel young too and I hate the term "woman". I prefer to call females near my age chic or girl.

For the last few years, facebook has been the #1 thing that makes me feel old. It is funny that you wrote this today, because yesterday I wrote that someone I know ran for Senate and it makes me feel old. Also, how can people I used to know that are my age have kids in high school?

I think I need to find wrinkle cream for facebook.

JStar said...

I felt old seeing my oldest daughters senior pictures...and knowing this time next year she will be 18...eventho I am only 17 years older than her, she makes me feel old.

And I HATE when someone calls me ma'm

Jeni said...

I think when I got the first invitation to join AARP set off the alarm to me that yes, I was about to enter into my "dotage." Now, we joke about the age thing sometimes at the monthly meeting of our Women's group at church where I think we have 3 members who attend who are under 60! Two of our members though are almost 80 and can run circles around everyone else in the group though so I keep telling myself if I keep moving, maybe I can last the way they have! LOL -I rather doubt that's gonna happen but it's a thought anyway. Oh and you're still a spring chicken, Girlfriend!

Tonya said...

Now I am wondering how old you really are! My oldest is going to be 10 in Jan and I'm freaking out at the fact she is that old and that I have a 10yo!

brookem said...

lady, i don't even know how old you are, but your comments and your posts always say "young" to me! xo