Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My 5 Pet Peeves - Day 27

Wow! I only have three more days left in this challenge. Seems like the time has gone by so quickly. Today's challenge asks me to list my 5 pet peeves. Here goes:

1. I hate when people spit on the ground. Eeeeiiiwwww!
2. I hate when I speak to you and you walk right by me as if I was invisible without replying.
3. I hate excessive tattoos.
4. I hate when someone constantly butchers the english language.
5. I hate when I hold the door open for you and you walk through without saying thank you.

What are your pet peeves.

Tomorrow's post: My First Apartment.

9 People saying stuff:

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Ditto to every single one of those

Moooooog35 said...

I have a dog named, "Peeve."

So my pet, Peeve, is some sort of chihuahua mix.

Red Shoes said...

hey you... I TOTALLY agree with the opening the door, or saying hi to another and they treat you like you aren't there...


How are you doing today? :o)


JStar said...

LOL...I am with you here

Tonya said...

same here but I don't like #2 even more when people do it to my little kids. so rude.

The True Urban Queen said...

I agree with yours . . especially that spitting on the ground. I hate when a guy does it while standing around me. After that I just hope he will not speak to me.

I also dislike . . people who talk about everyone (including celebrities) and aren't doing a thing with their own life.

Freckle Face Girl said...

I hate ear spacers, especially HUGE ones. It makes me shiver just thinking about it. UGLY!

Senorita said...

I hate it when there is a whole empty parking lot and someone decides to pull up right next to me.

Or when it's not crowded and someone decides to walk right behind me.

Jeni said...

Just a couple of my pet peeves -cause I have way, way too many to actually list -#1. Bigots! #2. People who talk out of the behind! #3. Spelling errors -they're for their or there, junk like that. Piddling stuff, I know but it bugs me! #4. People who think they are so damned much better than the rest of us -but a way far behind on the scale. #5. People who are morbidly obese and choose to lecture me on my bad habit of smoking! Addiction is addiction is addiction, baby! (My theory and I'm sticking to it although I know the comparison to people who are obese is an unfair one on my part it's just the way my mind operates these days.)