Saturday, November 6, 2010

He Wanted to be in a Text Relationship - Day 17

Hey all. Let me tell you, I keep up with the latest trends. I am on facebook and twitter and I access all of this via my blackberry. Pretty progressive huh? I text people, no big deal. I love texting actually but when did it become customary to carry on an extensive texting marathon/relationship with someone you are trying to get to know?

I met this guy a couple of weeks ago. He seemed pretty OK, normal even. We would text back and forth then I noticed that we were spending an extreme amount of time texting. I'm not used to this. I'm used to texting a little bit but if we are going to communicate extensively one of us picks up the phone.

Whatever happened to actual voice on voice action? I mean seriously. I don't like having a back and forth texting session for hours on end, call me dammit! My fingers can't take it.

Tune in for tomorrow's post!

6 People saying stuff:

Sandi McBride said...

THIS is exactly why I refuse to text. I prefer the phone for short periods of time or long conversations if that is the need. But texting I found to be just annoying. I'm probably in the minority here, so will shut up.

Freckle Face Girl said...

I know what you mean. An old guy friend was going through a divorce and tried to hook up with me over the summer. He was definitely a fanatic texter. I kind of like texting, but mainly because my kids are a bit noisy and make telephone conversations tough. However, long text sessions are not so fun and certainly not personal.

That one girl said...

I'm all about the text. I actually feel better about texting my HUSBAND than calling. Text rules. (Do I sound 13?)

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I'm pretty text challenged so if he's worth it, he'd better be picking up the phone and dialing my number. You can't hear sarcasm, anger, arrogance or rudeness in a text message but you sure can hear it loud and clear in a phone message.

Sandi's not alone.

Jeni said...

I don't have a cellphone, therefore, don't text. And considering how lengthy some of my comments on people's blog can be -mini versions of War and Peace at times, ya know -it's probably a good thing for all concerned that I can't text! Agreed?

Glamour Whore said...

Omg....I so relate to this post. Texting has replaced phone calls and hallmark cards and I'm not feeling it. I guess I'm an old fashioned kinda girl...I like to hear a man's voice when he saying something sweet;p