Friday, March 23, 2007

Aaaahhhhh...Mr. Wonderful (NOT)

Undoubtedly when you are single in a major city and reasonably attractive, you are bound to rack up a certain number of dates in your quest to find Mr. or Ms. Right.. With that said you will have good dates and bad dates. Some funny and some pretty pathetic.

I have never really had a particularly bad date but I have been on dates where I knew this was going no where!

Once, I went on a date with this guy I met online. In chatting with him he seemed to be a pretty decent guy.

Well we set up the date. Mind you, we exchanged pictures so we knew what the other looked like. Or so I thought. We decided to meet at a very large mall in the area so that we can eat a really nice Italian dinner at Remomo’s then scoot over to Dave and Buster’s for some game fun. All in all a very nice evening planned out.

Well, when I walk into the restaurant the guy looked nothing like his picture. STIKE ONE. His pictures looked 10 times better then he did. ‘Ok, I’m here now so we’ll make the best of it’ is what was running through my mind. Conversation was average and forced at times at best. It was clear we had nothing in common.

We finish our meal then proceeded to Dave and Buster’s to play some games and have fun. There was absolutely no chemistry at all. Even though I had a decent time, I couldn’t wait to get this date over with. As the night wound down, we walk out to our respective cars. I parked a lot further away then he did so he offered to drive me to my car as it was dark and I shouldn’t walk that far alone to my car. I agreed and followed him to his car. Can you believe this dude never opened the car door for me???!!!! STRIKE TWO!! He got in the car then reached over and opened the door from the inside for me! Oh no!!! That is a deal breaker for me. If you can’t even be gentleman enough to open the door for me then I don’t want to be bothered with you. Needless to say I never spoke to him again.

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Princess Extrordinaire said...

ICK - sounds like a keeper!

laughingattheslut said...

I would have hoped that you'd notice the nothing in common stuff with the online chats. But there's just no way that you could know that there wasn't any chemistry until you met the guy. It's just one of those things. I think it is lucky that you didn't have much in common with the guy. If your online chats had made you think that this one could be the one, and then there was no chemistry, that would just be really sad. But in this case it sounds like it was no big deal.

What was the deal with the picture? It wasn't actually someone else's picture, was it? Was it an old picture, when he weighed less and had more hair? Was it a touched up picture? Was it a picture with a bunch of really short people to make him look tall?

I don't know about the opening doors bit. I didn't expect it much when I was dating twenty years ago. Most of the time, at that age, I didn't really like it. I'm not old or handicapped, so why should guys open doors for me? I thought it was weird. On those rare occasions when I'm all dressed up in heels, I do like it, and maybe I feel a bit handicapped in the heels and stuff anyway. But the rest of the time I didn't care for it.
But now that I'm a bit older, maybe the idea is not so bad.

I guess I should start finding out about things, like are there tactful ways of ending dates like that when you are already sure you're not going to continue to date the guy. I mean, yes, it is rude to say I don't want to waste my time with you, cause I already know that you're not the one. But on the other hand, it is a waste of his time too. And maybe he is also just waiting for the date to be over. And it is a waste of someone's money buying dinner and all of that.

It sounds mean, but I think if I knew for certain that this guy would never be the guy, I'd rather just go home and watch TV.

dmarks said...

"like are there tactful ways of ending dates like that when you are already sure you're not going to continue to date the guy"

There's one thing that quickly popped into my head. It's not from experience, since I last dated before the cell phone era. I sure hope it is not from a sitcom!!! It's also not the most honest thing in the world.

You'll need a cell phone. Have a friend call you a couple of times during the evening. If you really need to bail out, use the interruption as an opportunity to say "something's come up, I've got to go home".