Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Venus and Mars Meet

It has become quite apparent that men and women view relationships differently. Men are task oriented therefore if they DO things they feel show us love then we should be cool with that. Right? WRONG.

We women are emotional creatures. We thrive on affection and the emotion involved in loving someone.

Men it's not enough to SAY you love us and think washing our car to show us you do. We need you to look into our eyes and tell us you love us while stroking our face and hair. We need an occassional hug as you walk by for no reason other than you just can't keep your hands off of us. We need you to cuddle with us and feed us popcorn while watching a movie on TV.

I guarantee you guys that if you give us what we need, we'll magnify it and give it back to you ten fold. That includes the good and the bad. If you love us, our love for you will overhelm you, if you make us unhappy we will make you miserable. That is the way life is and there is nothing going to change that.

Men, if you want a great home life, listen to what your woman says and give her what she wants.

Trust me, you will get it back ten fold.

Happy loving people.

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Freckle Face Girl said...

Plus, all that sappy stuff gets them out of trouble quickly.