Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Don't Bother Me While I am Eating!!!!

Ok, here is my rant for the day. I absolutely HATE when I am at lunch and someone comes to me, INTERRUPTING my eating, and begins to ask me work related questions. UGH!!! That is so very rude. I would NEVER come up to anyone while they are at lunch and commence to talk about work.

That crap needs to wait until AFTER I am finished eating and have returned back from lunch.

Retard all that enthusiasm Sparky for about 60 minutes why don’t cha? My lunch break is my time and I take that very seriously.

If you come up to me at lunch and say something like “Hey Diva, one of your files has just dropped and we need you to resend it.” You are likely to hear, “I will drop your ass if you don’t leave me the hell alone.”

So word to the wise, if you want to keep peace in the workplace, make sure the person you are chatting up is not stuffing a big fat, greasy burger in their face first…okay?

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Princess Extrordinaire said...

I've always had a thing about people coming up to me while I am eating - it bothers me immensely so I am right there wth ya

laughingattheslut said...

Do you eat at your desk or something? I'm guessing you are in a break rooom or something. Surely they don't follow you to McDonald's?

You're not paid during lunch are you? If it's not supposed to be a working lunch, then you're not supposed to work, right?

Maybe you should get one of those "Will be back soon" signs with the clock and take it with you. If somebody bugs you at lunch you can hold up the picture of the clock saying you'll be back at 1:00 or whatever.

I swear this place was pink before...

Not-faint-hearted said...

Oh I love the idea of carrying the "Be Back Soon" sign with you! I think you can get a cheap one at OfficeMax (or generic equivalent store.)

If you do it though, you HAVE to get a picture! what a riot!