Thursday, March 15, 2007

We are getting a bum wrap!

I am really sick and tired of hearing how terrible and backwards and crime ridden Baltimore, MD is. I have had it!

Let me school you all on Baltimore real quick.

First of all, don’t believe all of what you see on The Wire and The Corner. That is not the totality of Baltimore. It is merely one aspect that is shared by many, many large cities in this country. We are no different.

Yes we have crime. Yes we have ghettos. Yes we have projects. But so does New York, Boston, Chicago, LA, and many other cities. Again, we are no different.

Folks actually believe all the hype they see on these afore mentioned TV shows and get things twisted.

Baltimore has its faults just like everyone else but is no different then you are. Trust me on this. Our lives, thoughts, feelings, actions and environment is just like yours.

We have Museums, Clubs, restaurants, theaters, colleges, lakes, parks, and golf courses just as you do in any other city.

Before you begin to judge Baltimore, spend some time here. I guarantee that you if come here with an open mind you will surely be pleasantly surprised and entertained.

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Rachel said...

I haven't ever been to Baltimore. I always figured that it was about the same as Detroit, which I have visited.
Everywhere has good and bad places from Smalltown, USA to NYC or London.
Thanks for visiting my blog. I like your writing!

dmarks said...

I have two impressions of Baltimore:

One is from reading several Anne Tyler novels, all of which took place in Balitmore. She didn't make it seem like that bad of a place.

Another impression is from when I was there once. The heaviness of traffic on the beltway around the city was not to be believed: I don't think I've ever seen worse, not even in NYC.