Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I am sick of boring people!

Look...if you are boring......STAY AWAY FROM ME! Case closed.

I like fun and excitement. I like crowds, adventure, music, people, dancing, food....LIFE and all it has to offer.

If all you want to do is sit around and bitch and complain, then find someone else. If all you want to do is go to your unfullfilling, dead end job and then come home and repeat the cycle agin tomorrow, find someone else to call. I am not the one.

If all you have to offer are "whoa is me" stories everytime we talk on the phone, then please don't call me.

I am not old and I refuse to live my life as an old person.

So I will say it again, if you a boring and don't like to experience life then leave me alone and don't call me. I'll be too busy going to a play or concert or traveling.

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laughingattheslut said...

Sorry. Bitching and moaning seems to be the favorite American pastime.

Must admit that I was really shocked the first time I heard someone complaining about their job for what seemed longer than it actually took to just do the job. But I think that now I can bitch and moan with the best of them.

I should get a job soon. There might be other changes in my life ahead. I think that there will be plenty of bitching and moaning in my future.

I do other quiet boring things too. I read. I watch TV. Once in a while I garden, though I am terribly lazy and often don't finish what I start.

At least on the blogs I try to make the bitching and moaning sound interesting. Don't know if I'm succeeding or not.

Could you imagine what I'd have to say if I actually started dating again.

Maybe we don't want to go there.

Avin said...

Have you been reading my 1/3 life crisis?

The Diva Tee's Thoughts said...

laughingattheslut - You are funny!

Avin - I sure have read your blogs! lol

Rachel said...

I think that most people like to complain because they want to be heard and acknowledged but they don't have anything worthwhile to say.
I have had a few bitching posts on my blog but they are few and far between.
I am always the "look on the bright side" person in the discussion.
And the planner. I plan stuff all the time with my friends.
This weekend we are getting together to play board games and have a good time. It might sound lame but hilarity ensues every time.

Freckle Face Girl said...

I agree. Life is too short to hang out with people who are always suffering from boredom.

Not-faint-hearted said...

love it! Goes right with my "I see stupid people" poster. ;)