Tuesday, May 8, 2007

You Just Pissed Me Off

Ok, this weekend that past was a pretty good one. I did some much needed shopping and relaxing as well as attended a fundraising Bull Roast event. There were five of us in my party and it was good to see my girls.

Anyway, we sit down at our table and eat and talk for awhile then the DJ started playing music that just forced you to get up off your butt and dance so we had no choice but to comply. Well upon our return to the table we realized that some woman had taken my seat. Normally I am a very reserved person when it comes to situations such as these, I, in most cases, would have simply gone to another table to sit and let it go. This would not have worked in this case however, There were no more seats close by and I didn’t want to sit at a table alone with a bunch of strangers while by friends all sat a another table. That would not have been cool.

I told this woman that she was sitting in my seat. She just looked at me and shook her head no. Oh my, she did not just shake her head at me! She just succeeded in pissing me the fuck off.

Well one of my girlfriends went to get her cousin whom we purchased the tickets from. Meanwhile, another gentleman had come up to us to see what was wrong. I told him that the woman was sitting in our seat and wouldn’t move. He initially suggested the he could locate me another seat but my friend who had just returned with her cousin said, “Wait, there are 5 of us in this party.” He got this really pained, confused look on his face. He couldn’t find 5 seats at another table, there just wasn’t any more room.

Meanwhile, this bitch was just sitting there. I was getting more heated by the minute, mainly because of her nasty, disrespectful attitude.

I’mma tell you all, if I wasn’t such a lady I would have jumped over that table and whopped her ass. LOL

There was a nice couple seated at our table and those good people stood up and moved to another table so that my entire party could remain together.

Then about 5 minutes later……guess what happened? That bitch decided to leave!!! After all that bullshit she leaves!

I am so not the confrontational, violent person but this woman pissed me off something fierce.

Oh well…..with all that I still had a good time.

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dmarks said...

"Well upon our return to the table we realized that some woman had taken my seat."

At least you didn't return to the table to find that a busboy/whatever had deposited a big tray of a bunch of other people's dirty dishes at your place.

Happened to me recently.

laughingattheslut said...

Well, of course she left. She's by herself. If she meant to hold a whole table for some people coming later, that didn't work. If she was by herself just cause she wanted to come by herself and meet new people, that isn't going to work now that everyone is looking at her and knows that she's a bitch. It would have nice if she'd figured all that out before, but it did finally dawn on her that she hadn't done anything to help herself.

Now, go back to the other post and tell us what you said to end it with Mr. Big.

CarmenSinCity said...

Oh my god - I would have been so pissed!!!!!

Girl, I dont know how you held back.

Of course she moved, she knew that nobody liked her at that table and she looked like a moron.

Princess Extraordinaire said...

That's to bad but thanksfully she eventualy left - some peole have such audacity it's amazing

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Well done for not hitting her. I would have!

Freckle Face Girl said...

What a rude idiot! Like she would even want to sit at the table full of your friends who are pissed off at her.

SSC said...

I really dislike people at times however my workout routine gets better, because I take out all my anger at the gym, its either that or going to jail, ha!!!! I must say you composed yourself like a lady, I would have stood over her and made it so she was so uncomfortable that she would have to leave. Well done, maybe I can learn from this. Because in the end, you were the lady verse the raging lunatic, which is usually who I end up being.

lisa q. said...

i just simply cannot understand how people can be so damn rude and inconsiderate...i'd have taken the bitch out!

yerdoingitwrong said...

ugh. That would have pissed me off, too. I'm in a 'people suck' mode today so this post was right up my alley. =P