Thursday, June 28, 2007

I've got some serious pet peeves!

Ok, I'm going to list some of my pet peeves....these things drive me freaking crazy!!!!!

  1. I hate when someone spits on the ground! You uncooth bastard! If you have to spit...use a tissue or paper towel or something. Geesh! No one wants to step in your nasty ass Phlem.
  2. I hate when I call someone and I KNOW they are there looking at the caller ID and DOESN'T PICK UP THE PHONE!!! If I call dammit, answer the phone!
  3. I hate when people I do not know call me "baby" or "sweetheart". It's patronizing and condescending so don't do it!!!
  4. I hate skid marks in underwear. Enough said on that.
  5. I hate when a man asks for your number AND DOESN'T CALL!!

Not pet peeves but just things that piss me off:
  • I am pissed off that my mother thought it was not important to have life insurance. STUPID.
  • I am pissed that the ass hole who owes me $2000 doesn't even realize he owes it to me!
  • I am pissed that people pretend to have certain feelings that they really don't have and that causes hurt feelings.
I think I'm done now! lol

16 People saying stuff:

CarmenSinCity said...

Hey!!!!! I like those and I have a lot of similar pet peeves.

I think you might have inspired me to do a pet peeve list of my own.


Shai said...

$2000 and not know. WTH!

Ms. Behaving said...

Girl....get outta my head LOL.

abbagirl74 said...

There, there. Let it all out. It's going to be okay. lol... I love reading your down-to-earth posts. You rock girlfriend!

brookem said...

i love that you said uncooth. such a good word. men and their asking for numbers and not calling. idiots.

BALURDI said...


Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Ahhhh, baby, sorry I missed your call, no, really, I didn't ignore it, It was too busy shitting my pants *spits on pavement*

lisa q. said...

yep...i hear ya! that baby, sweetheart one really frickin' irritates me! i'm not your damn baby! grrrrr.... :D

tAnYeTTa said...

Great post!!!!!

2 Gees? what the hell is that all about? talk about a damn valuable lesson "lurnt" ain't that about a B*tch. Urgh!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. DITTO on this one-------I am pissed that people pretend to have certain feelings that they really don't have and that causes hurt feelings.

people need to stop being so damn fake. damn!!!!!!!!!!!! i loved this post. loved it.

Sizzle said...

no seriously, why do they spit!?

it grosses me out.

JustMeWriting said...

LOL...WOW.. those are some SERIOUS peeves.. lol, I don't like the spit thing either... ILK... I hate when mothers allow their SMALL children to just follow way behind them... PAY ATTENTION TO YA CHILD FOOL!!! (see girl, now you've got me hollin) LOL.

DCchick said...

my biggest pet peeve is the people that run from the back of the airplane as soon as the fasten seat belt sign goes off. It's rude!

Mizrepresent said...

Ummm, can i join in?

Your no# 1, is also my no# 1.

2. People who sneeze or cough and don't cover their mouth.

3. People who fart and elevators. I do not like walking into somebody elses gas...hell i run from mine.

4. People with bad breath.

5. high pitched barking dogs

6. People who owe me money, but want to front around everyone else like they got it going on...I am just two minutes from filing with Judge Joe brotha!

alright lady Happy Friday!

Erica AP said...

Ranting is healthy!! Do it, do it, do it!! And I hate when a guy calls many weeks later. Prick. :)

dc_speaks said...

um...i just wanted to say hello.

I see you got some cool peeves. I shall just sit on the side.

excellent post though.

Have a great weekend.

Tara said...

Great pet peeve post!

I hate it when people don't watch where they're going when they're driving and talking on their cellphone. Some guy almost hit me today cuz he couldn't focus.