Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 2 - Roommates from Hell

So here is day 2 of my 30 day blog challenge. I'm sure many of you reading this have had roommates in the past or maybe currently in a roommate situation. Some of you may even have really great roommates and you guys get along well. Well screw you all because my situation was hell and I am jealous.

Many years ago, right after the civil war, I became really friendly with a group of male and female exotic dancers. It was a fun time in my life. We would hang out and club every night of the week. Aaaawwww, to be young and free.

A couple of my female friends in this circle and I decided to rent an apartment together. YES! This would be non stop fun for me. I was psyched. We began our search and found a really cute townhouse to rent. We made preparations to move in. The day of our move in should have given me a clue as to how this whole situation was going to go down.

I had scheduled my brother and cousin to move my stuff in while I was at work. When I got to the apartment they hadn't finished my move because my roommates had them move a few of their stuff too. Excuse me! You were supposed to secure your own movers. I was heated but let it go.

I was the only one living there that owned a car and it was fast becoming evident to me that these bitches were expecting me to haul them everywhere they needed to go and would get upset if I had other plans.

The final straw came when I had a job interview scheduled. The day before I needed to prep for it, print out resumes, etc. So I decided to go to my parents house since they had a typewriter. Shush! I told my roommates I was leaving and they got upset because I wasn't going to be back in time to take them to the club they wanted to attend that night. yeah, exactly. I was ticked off that they thought hanging out in a club was more important then my landing this job. I was not their chauffeur. I decided I needed a break from them and stayed the night at my parents house.

When I arrived home the next day to get ready for work I noticed that they cleaned up the house but left my bed unmade and piled some dirty clothes on top of it. That was the last straw. I called my parents when I got to work, first thing, and arranged for them to help me move.

I found out later that day as well that some friends had called the house looking for me and they were rude to them Oh no, that does not work for me.

I met my father at his shop that he owned once I got off work. My mother, her friend, my brother and cousin all met at my fathers shop and we caravaned over to my house and started hauling shit out of there. The looks on their faces was priceless.

Unbeknownest to them I had also scheduled to have the phone cut off because it was in my name and I didn't want them to run up the bill. You had to pay for long distance calls in those olden days. They were none to happy about that. They called me the next day when they realized the phone was off to inquire why I hadn't told them of my plans. *click*

That was my first and last roommate situation Never again.

Do you have roommate horror stories?

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Jeni said...

Oh boy! Roommates! Back in the 60s when I first went to work in D.C. I had a bunch of different roommates, different apartments, etc. and though occasionally there were problems that cropped up, they -none of 'em -held a candle to the lady I had as a roommate/landlord in 2002 when I was working in Harrisburg that summer. I do believe she had major mental health issues as her "house rules" seemed to change from minute to minute! It was a horrible, very depressing situation living with her and by the time I moved out, it had served one good purpose though -the depression affected my appetite and I lost about 20 pounds from living with her! Thankfully, my current "roommates" are my younger daughter and two little grandchildren, who for the most part, really are the best roommates ever for me!

JStar said...

Nightmare...I had my cousin, her husband her month old baby and 2 yr old...thats a nightmare in itself...Waking up every hour to a crying baby and 2 yr old...was not fun...

Karen said...

I've had great roommates. But I guess I am just lucky.

Red Shoes said...

I'm thinking that roommates is right up there with not talking about religion and politics with friends...

You know?


Lose the Excuses said...

I was moving from Ohio to Maryland and a college friend of mine decided to come along. The plan was to live together for a year and by that time we should have been able to strike out on our own.

You know how they say, you don't know people until you live with them? So true. This heifer was crazy.

1. She'd lock herself in her bedroom and come out all crazed if you had the audacity to do something crazy like run the dishwasher.

2. She'd slam doors and yell, not just at home but at work too ... so she ended up getting fired from several jobs.

3. Every time we'd get a bill, if she didn't have the money right then and there, she'd get hysterical, cry and talk about killing herself.

4. We went to an antique store one night (window-shopping) and the owner forgot we were in the store and shut it down, accidentally locking us in. When she saw a little grocery bag with juice and English muffins in it, she started screaming that he was selling us into white slavery. Eventaully, the guy who owned the restaurant next door let us out.

5. We rented a truck to move. She was supposed to move that morning and when I got off of my part-time job in the afternoon, I was supposed to move. When I got there, she hadn't started moving and had the keys with her, so I couldn't start. I ended up having to take a full day off of work to move.