Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I Finally Figured It Out

Ok folks. I finally figured out why I don't have a man.

I was in the employee break room yesterday morning getting coffee so that I could curb my hunger until lunch time when I noticed my crush was already in there. It seems that every morning I go in there he is there. Anyway, I give him a very nonchalant, "Morning". Very cool. Never give 'em too much.

I was dumping my 15th package of sugar in my mug when I turned around to deposit it into the trash can then IT happened. I tripped over my feet!! There was nothing on the ground! I stumbled on nothing! I did what any self respecting clutz would do, I looked down to see what I may have tripped over. Smooth.

Yeah people, I'm smooth.

5 People saying stuff:

Moooooog35 said...

Jesus, woman. How big are your feet?

Are you a clown? Can you juggle?!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

at least y0u didn't end up on your keester

Tonya said...

that is too funny. I have done that before!

Jeni said...

Maybe we should stop "following" each others blogs cause I do Klutzy things like that all the time! Just tell whoever might see you trip that you just changed your name to Grace.

Red Shoes said...

But... but... but... did your crush see you fall?? He could have been a gentleman and come over and assisted you to your feet... no?