Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 6 - Where Was Your First Kiss?

OK, so today we will discuss first kisses. I remember my first kiss so very vividly. I was 11 years old and had a huge crush on the neighborhood bad boy named Dwayne. Oh I loved him madly so you can guess my excitement when he asked me to be his girlfriend. Hellz yeah! It lasted all but a week but I didn't care.

We found this huge box somewhere in the neighborhood and somehow it found it's way to my front yard. Dwayne and I slipped into this box for a little privacy and so did my little sister and her boyfriend. This is where we all decided to share our first kiss together. Dwayne leaned in to kiss me and I kissed him back. It's funny because I swear I saw fireworks and felt grenades go off and the earth moved. It was crazy. That was it, I was hooked on kissing from then on.

Somehow my father found out about my little adventure and was none too happy about it. He insisted I was too young to be "courting". I was like "huh?" My mom stepped in and said, "She doesn't know what courting means." and he left it alone at that point but I certainly did know what it meant and I was hooked.

4 People saying stuff:

Karen said...

My first kiss was in a bowling alley. It was a huge surprise...almost an ambush really and there were no fireworks. But I am still quiet close with the boy who kissed me.

And um...11 is too young for courting!

Anna said...

Lol, and I don't remember mine, but I think was by the end of my third year of university, lol, yeah I started late... Anna :)

~SALLY~ said...

My first kiss was with my the wedding altar. What a blessing it was! We were kiss-free until we were pronounced husband and wife! :)

Freckle Face Girl said...

I'm not sure I remember mine either, but I was at least 16 & in high school. I remember the first guy that I really LOVED kissing. I was 18 and we both had just graduated from high school. It was a complicated summer romance before going off to college. We're still friends.